Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My December Challenge || Favourites of 2014

This is a long post but since on of the most popular posts I do are the monthly favourites I thought I should do my favourites of the whole of 2014 so lets get started;



I have been a fan of 5SOS for about 2 years now, and when I first joined the fandom they only had 2 EPs {Somewhere New and Unplugged}.  To see them grow up, break through the music industry and get number 1's is just amazing from YouTube videos.  I have loved all their songs, albums and EPs and I am so excited for next year and their tour!

 Ed Sheeran
Who hasn't been waiting for the day when Ed will release another album? But it was so worth the wait, it is such a good album.

All Time Low
Break Your Little Heart was the first song I heard of theirs as someone mentioned it on Instagram nearly a year ago.  I know they've been around a lot  longer but I suppose I never heard any of their songs or heard of them properly because I used to only listen to the main chart hits, but OMG they are an amazing band and I am hooked on all their songs.

Midnight Memories, their album that came out November 2013, was amazing and FOUR, that was this years album, is just perfect and the two 1D albums I have been loving this year.

Little Mix
I know they haven't released an album this year but I still love Salute that came out late last year.  Their tour was amazing as well and I cannot wait for what 2015 has in store for them.

Taylor Swift
I used to love Taylor when I was in Year 6 but then I started liking other artists and bands and I just liked her hit songs like 22 and We're Never Getting Back Together.  But throughout this whole year I have been trying to figure out if I like her and her music or not but turns out I think I do and Blank Space and Style are probably my favourite 2 from her new album 1989.

Uptown Funk
This song is just perfect, I absolutely love this song, the beat of it is just brilliant.

I couldn't leave Troye Sivan out now, his EP is just amazing.  My favourite is probably The Fault In Our Stars {MMXIV} one which he had also put on YouTube before hand last year.

Rude by Magic is on of the summer songs that I had on repeat.  I just love the beat and lyrics to the song.

I have loved McFly and Busted since I was a little girl I used to dance along to their songs at my cousin's house and at discos.  I would never have thought McBusted would become a thing but I am glad they did because now I get to watch my two favourite childhood bands in concert next year.  Their album is one of my favourites from 2014.


Checkered Shirts
I got to say I started wearing these a lot last year as well but my love for them has only just grown this year!  I don't know what it is about them but I think they are amazing.  You can wear them so many ways; tied around the waist, under a top or buttoned up.

Black Jeans
My favourite jeans are black, I really want to get a pair of knee rip black jeans!  They just go with everything and look amazing with checkered shirts!

Doc Martens
I used to hate Doc Martens then they started to grow on me.  I started loving them this year and I got a pair when they were in the sale earlier this year and they are beautiful!  I have had so many nice comments on them as well.

Chunky Heeled Boots & Sandals
In summer I loved the chunky heeled sandal look and in autumn/winter time I have loved the chuncky heeled ankle boot look.  I think they make an outfit amazing and it makes you look taller!  They are comfy as they are platformed as well so it doesn't feel like your feet are going to drop off!


Kate Moss Lipsticks

This is my favourite lipstick this year as it stays on your lips for so long! The matte finish looks amazing as well and the colours they do are just perfect.

It comes out more darker {also ignore the
psychology revision notes below my hand!}

B. Eye Cream in Dust Till Dawn
This is my favourite eye cream.  I went to the B. make-up section of Superdrug wanting a certain colour as it was 50% off at the end of summer but they didn't have the colour so I picked this and I am so pleased I did.  It stays on all day and many people have asked about it and complimented me on it.

Eyeliner Pencils
I have never really tried eyeliner so I decided to go for the waterline eyeliner as it is easier to apply, it is for me anyway.  I absolutely love the Rimmel London Jeck Black Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner Penicl.



I am reading the book at the moment which I have wanted to for a while but I just haven't had to time due to exams and sixth form. However the movie was amazing.  Izzy and I went in the Easter holidays for a little break from revision, which we both agreed we really needed!  The movie was gripping and I don't get why some people don't like it.

The Fault In Our Stars
I have been waiting for this movie to come out since it was announced to be made into a movie.  I wanted to read the book since April 2013 but didn't until February 2014!!!  But it was such a good book and the movie also did it justice!

Inbetweeners 2
Who doesn't love to have a good laugh at the Inbetweeners?  I only just got into the Inbetweeners but I went to watch this movie twice in 5 days because two of my friends wanted to see it but I didn't mind because it was so funny!

Okay I probably annoy my family the amount I play the Frozen songs and whenever the holidays start I tend to watch it at least twice in the first weekend!  I just love it, I think everyone can relate to Elsa but also relate to Anna.  Olaf is just so funny and without him I don't think it would have been such a big hit.

Mocking Jay Part 1
I have seriously been waiting for this movie to come out since I watched Catching Fire in the cinemas, I am not even joking I googled when Mocking Jay would be out when I got home! I had the Hunger Games books when I was around 9 and now I wish I read them but Mocking Jay Part 1 was so gripping and just all round amazing and I cannot wait for part 2.


Pretty Little Liars

I finally started watching Pretty Little Liars the send of November last year as I found a website that would let me watch it since it is not airred in the UK anymore.  I was addicted but I had to stop due to revision so once all my exams were done I did a PLL binge and was hooked again.  I still haven't watched the Christmas special but other than that I have caught up.

The Vampire Diaries
After Tanya Burr going on about how good this TV series is I decided to give it a shot, and OMG it did not let me down.  I have finished the first 3 seasons which were on Netflix and now I don't know where I can watch it as a new season has started.  I will be watching The Originals as well.

The Inbetweeners
Since our family just got Netflix and I was too young to watch the Inbetweeners when it first came out as TV series and their first movie I decided to watch just one episode but nooo I watched the 3 seasons in 3 days! Oops but it was so hilarious and I just love it.


Festival wristbands
I got my first two festival wristbands from Wembley when I went to see One Direction.  I got the 1D festival wristband and 5SOS wrist band and I have been collecting them since.  I have got the individual Vamps ones and itunes festival Vamps one as well.

I would say I have read quite a bit this year for me because I don't tend to read much but the books I have read are all brilliant but Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has got to be my favourite.  I read it so quickly and I couldn't put it down.  I could relate to some of the characters, especially Cath.  I just want to read all of Rainbow's books now!

I have been watching Youtubers for so long but I have discovered some new ones this year who I love including VelvetGh0st aka Gabby and ItsWayPastMyBedTime aka Carrie Fletcher.

Sorry it went on for so long but I have been loving so many things this year!  I hope you have a good New Years Eve and I wish everyone a Happy New Year and see you in 2015!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My December Challenge || One Busy Big Year ~ 2014

So 2014 is coming to an end, which is weird because it feels like the other day it was 2013.  2014 has had many ups and many downs like every year does, but this years has definitely been a significant year for me.  So I am going to tell you all about the highs of my year.

2nd January - My First Ever Blog Post
My first ever blog post was a 30 Facts About Me and it is one of the most read post!  I was really unsure about posting it because Izzy and I both wanted to do a blog but Izzy hadn't yet got one but I did it and I was proud and still am!

10th January - Union J Concert
This was my first concert of the year and it was an amazing way to kick start the year of concerts I had ahead of me.

14th February - Harry Potter Studios
Okay, since I found out that they were opening the Harry Potter Studios I have wanted to go to it and I got to go for my 16th Birthday with my Mum, Dad and Brother and it was seriously amazing.  It was such a magical experience which I will never forget and I want to go back with some friends.

March {can't remember the exact date} - Grade 5 Ballet Exam
In March this year, felt like last year but it was this year, I did my Grade 5 ballet exam and I passed with a merit which I wasn't expecting because I completely messed up one of the dance exercises! Anyway now I am in grade 6 and we started doing pointe work, which I have been dreaming of since I first started!

March 28th - XFactor Concert
The XFactor concert was brilliant, my favourite from XFactor 2013 were Luke Friend, Nicky McDonald and I did love Sam Bailey who all came 3rd, 2nd and 1st!  Luke was probably my favourite live but I loved all the finalists and it was a great night.

I know it's a bad photo but this is
 Nicky McDonald singing on stage
April - Easter Holidays
Even though for most of the holiday I was in my room revising for my GCSE's when I went away with my family like we always do at Easter it was slightly different as it was a different setting and environment and did allow myself sometime off revising including getting to go to the beach and a prison museum...

the beach we went to one day:)

9th May - Last Day Of School
On our last day of school our year was allowed to have a fancy dress days, like every year 11 year in our school has done.  Our group went for the Disney outfits so I went as Peter Pan as I never want to grow up and has always been one of my favourite films.  It was a fantastic day and in the leavers assembly I have to admit it was pretty emotional!

Izzy went as Jessie from Toy Story and I went as
Peter Pan well from Peter Pan!

Izzy and I in our leavers hoodies!


12th May - My First GCSE {RE}
My first GCSE exam was for RE (Religious Education), which was my best subject so I shouldn't have been as nervous as I was but I was extremely nervous.  But that was just one of about 16 I had to do!

16th May - Little Mix Concert
This was the day of my main History exam so to have something as good as this to look forward to was good. Izzy, another friend and I went to meet up with two other friends but bofore we met we got asked to be on the radio! The concert itself was one of the best I have ever been too, it was such an amazing night

13th and 14th June - Finishing my GCSEs 
NO MORE EXAMS! The second the invidulator at the end of my maths exams on the 13th June said 'it is the end of your examination please put your pens down' I could not behappier and I could tell everyone else felt the same.  Everyone was on the edge of their seat to get out of the hall as soon as they could because it was the last exam for most people which meant that their extended summer started.  The morning of the 14th June I had the best lie in and I didn't know what to do with myself.

18th June - Prom
Now, I didn't really want to go to prom, I would have preferred to have a movie night with some friends but most of my other friends wanted to go and sort of dragged me along which I am greatful for now.  After the 'red carpet' our school does for the residents, family and friends of their surrounding area can come and watch I had a good time.  I do not like the photos from my prom, and unfortunately our school leaves them up for everyone to see in school till next year!

19th June - The Faults In Our Stars
This movie was amazing! Obviously I cried, but it was so so so good and I need it on DVD! Izzy and I went together the day after prom, which was the day it came out for us.  We went during the day as we had no school when everyone else did so it was quiet.  However Izzy didn't get up till 10 minutes before I picked her up because we didn't get back till early hours in the morning from prom!

23rd-25th June - Liverpool
On of my friends from school asked me if I wanted to go to Liverpool and stay with her grandparents with her for a couple of days so I took the offer up.  It was an amazing few days and her grandparents are so kind.  Hopefully we will be going again soon!

July-August - France and Italy
This was our family's main holiday of the year and it was fantastic, we had many thunderstorms, a power cut, lots and lots of pizza, hot weather and many insect bites!  Overall it was amazing, we even got to go to Venice {even though it rained and thundered it was still beautiful!}


the beach in Italy

sunset walk around the lake in France

20the August - Les Miserables
This musical is amazing on stage and the atmosphere was phenomenal.  I saw ItsWayPastMyBedTime aka Carrie Flecter, on YouTube,  play Epopine and when I saw and heard her on stage I got goose bumps.  The whole cast just made it magical and it was a great day out with my Mum and Nan. {Tanya Burr also retweeted and replied to my tweet this day too!}

21st August - Results Day
This day was such a relief and weight off my shoulders and I will never forget it.  I had been dreading this day yet wanting it to come sooner.  All in all I was proud of my results and got into the Sixth Form I wanted.

2nd September - Sixth Form
It has been one full term so far, two half terms, yet it feels I have been there for ages and that I have known my new friends for year or something yet it also feels like it's gone really quick.  To be honest I hate Sixth Form, it completely stresses me out and everyone around seems to feel the same.  I do like my subjects and my teacher and friends, it is just the aspect and work load and limited amount of time to do things in which I hate.

28th-30th September - South Port
Because I loved Liverpool so much my Mum, Dad, my brother and I went to South Port for a weekend because it is close to Liverpool.

5th October - The Vamps Concert
My friend & I went together and it was the concert that was getting filmed for their concert film.  It was so amazing and we are getting to see them again when they do their tour with Union J in May!

11th October - Where We Are Concert Film
Even though I saw them at Wembley I went to see the concert film with some friends because it is One Direction we are talking about here!  The movie consisted of an interview and the concert at San Siro Stadium.  I was amazing and we could see what the boys could as well.

17th October - Miranda Hart Live
I didn't write about Miranda in my concert post because it was a Live Show and getting to see the hilarious Miranda Hart was an amazing experience. She was absolutely hilarious and interacted with the crowd and addressed the different audience groups, as she has fans of many different people, fantastically.

19th October - Ed Sheeran Concert
I would never think that I would get to see Ed Sheeran Live but when Izzy told me she got tickets for us and some friends I couldn't believe and he was phenomenal.  We really want to see him in Wembley! {at the moment Izzy and I don't have enough money to get the ticket!} AND I just got a new camera with my GCSE money I got in August so I got really good photos!

October - DisneyLand Paris
THIS WAS THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER! I know this cost a lot for my parents but they wanted me to go and they wanted to go too, they just didn't admit it!  We all loved it and didn't want to go home.  I wrote about my time in Disneyland HERE

9th November - Dad 130 mile Bike Ride for Marie Curie
My Dad did a 130 mile bike round to each of my Grandad's houses since my Dad was born because it was one year since my Granddad passed away.  My Dad started at my Granddad's last home and cycled and finished at Marie Curie Hospice where my Granddad died.  He raised over £700!  My Grandma and I went around {in a car obviously!} too meet him at various houses, which was nice because I got to see where my Dad grew up.

14th November - Meeting Alfie Deyes
Seriously, I still cannot believe I have met one of my favourite YouTubers and have his autograph in his book that was number 1!  He was so kind and like he is in his vlogs.  I wrote a more detailed post about it - Izzy and I were even in his vlog!

That's the book he did a 'weird' heart in!

December - Christmas
If you couldn't already tell Christmas Time is my favourite time of the year and this year, even though I have had tones of Sixth Form work, it was amazing.  I loved it all, the festive movie marathons, the Christmas Lunch Party my friends and I had on the last day of Sixth Form, Christmas Eve, family, Christmas Day itself and loads more.  I seriously can't believe it is pretty much over now, it went too quickly.

I just love Christmas Trees!

Me and my tree {before it was decorated}
our tree {we didn't have tinsel this year}

movie marathon at Emma's

Christmas Eve walk to the pub

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Sorry it was such a long blog, I suppose it makes up with the short blog yesterday! I hope you all had an amazing year.  My year obviously wasn't all good but 2014 was significant and has shaped me as a person {cringe as it sounds I think it has}!