Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September Favourites

It's the end of the month, so it means it's time to tell you what I have been enjoying, I think there is a little less than last month due to starting Sixth Form but I have a few good items that I recommend. So here we go;



This song is perfect.   When One Direction released this (not as an offical single) for free I had it on replay for days.  If you haven't listened to it you can listen to it on YouTube here.


On the Amnesia EP by 5 Seconds of Summer, one of the extra songs was Daylight and I instantly fell in love with this song. Listen to this song here. The EP also has the cover of American Idiot by Green Day on it, which I think is amazing.


Fall Out Boy's new song Centuries, their first single for their 6th album was released & I absolutley love it.  I always love a bit of Fall Out Boy but I have had this song on repeat for a long time now. Listen to Centuries here.


I've never been a massive fan of Ariana Grande but after I found this song I started listening to her albums and now it is safe to say that I will be buying them.  I have liked a few of her songs in the past but I never actually listened to a full album of hers before.  A Little Bit Of Your Heart is probably one of my favourites, and I had it on replay as well.  Listen to this song here.


I love One Republic and recently I have found myself playing this song so many times, and it is one of my favourite songs of there's.  I just love the lyrics and the beat of the song.  Listen to it here.

You can tell how my music taste ranges from these five songs!



Recently Superdrug, my local one anyway, have added a new(ish) brand in the make-up section of the shop, which is called B. Superdrug, in the summer holidays, had a half price sale on some of the make-up brands and just so happened to be on B. so I picked up a shimmery pinky nude cream eye shadow called Dusk Till Dawn. I never tried a cream eye shadow before so I decided to grab one when it was half price (at only £3.49!).  I have had so many complements at sixth form from it, which is always good & it stays on all day long.  I can actually tell you that I prefer cream eye shadows to normal ones.


I absolutely love dark lip colours, especially for autumn and winter time, so I got myself a beautiful winey-coloured lipstick.  It goes on perfectly and lasts quite a long time.  I would say it will suit a lot of skin tones, but I am not a make-up guru/artist so I wouldn't take my advice dead seriously, but I definatley think it would suit lighter/paler skin colours best.

It comes out darker than the camera has picked up



I mentioned this in one of my previous blog posts, and these joggers are so comfortable.  They are a bit on the larger size but I prefer baggy joggers.  They are perfect for just lazing around the house and wanting to be comfortable and I love the colour of them.


I picked these up as they had a side zip, which I thought was quite different.  The reason why I would call them treggings is because they are really thick and much better quality then normal leggings.  At the top of the treggings there's little parts which is elastic making it more comfortable. At £15.99 (could have even been £12.99) I think these are such a bargin as I have been wearing these a lot!


Recently I have been on many shopping trips with friends and my mum and I have always popped into Primark to check out what they are doing this month, and one time I found a cute blouse which I thought would be great for my sixth form.  I picked it up really quickly on the way to the check out till and yet I have had so many complements on the blouse! It was only about £10-£12 as well which is a bargin.  It's also good quality for Primark and I will get a lot of wear out of it.  I wear this with a skater skirt for sixth form, sometimes I would wear it with an elasticated tube/pencil skirt, and many people have told me they love my outfit/top!

Thank you for reading my favourites, there wasn't many others than beauty, music and clothing but next month I think there will be! Comment below your some of your favourites and if you are enjoying the same as what I am or any recommendations that I should try next month.