Sunday, 30 October 2016

Life Update || New Job, Uni and Gap Year

So it has been over a month since I have posted last on this blog!  As you may know I have started a new job at Marks and Spencer's and it is pretty full on.  I am doing 32 hours a week, and it is my first job so it has taken some time to figure out a routine. I also do over time, one day I worked from 11am-10pm but I'm actually loving it!  This coming week I am doing 39 and a half hours so I don't have too much spare time anymore.

Anyway because of my job being the centre of my focus as well as sorting out my uni place at Liverpool with swapping courses (I'll do a separate post about that!) and applying for accommodation there has been little spare time in my life to actually sit down and write a blog post.  However, this Sunday afternoon I realised how much I missed writing.

I am definitely going to make more of a schedule of when I post on here.  I think in September before I got a job I was trying to post too much, I wanted to post three times a week on this blog and two times a week on my travel blog but that isn't realistic anymore so I just didn't post.

My plans for now is post every Thursday and every other Sunday on this blog and then my travel blog whenever I can, hopefully every Tuesday.

This gap year, I am having, is for me.  I want to spend time doing the things I love to do, take time out of education to think about my future and actually look after myself properly.  So now I have been in my job for nearly two months I am going to come back to blogging and add it to my daily life one again.

I hope all of you are having a great time as well and you are all loving autumn as much as I am!  I cannot believe it is Halloween tomorrow and November is literally around the corner!