Tuesday, 15 July 2014



I decided to write a quick short post of what I got up to today.

In my village/town, recently a milkshake and smoothie cafe place opened up. And lets just say everyone got excited about it because you can have pretty much any flavour milkshake you want.  It ranges from different chocolate bars like a "Double Decker Bus" and "Snickers" to different biscuits like "Custard Creams". Name a chocolate bar, biscuit, cake, sweet or some other random food and you can have it in a milkshake. You can even have more than one flavour in one milkshake!

Anyway on my first visit, a couple of months back, I already embarrassed myself before I even got inside by walking into the window of the cafe because it looked like the door. All I saw were people just staring at me and my friends laughing their heads off. Anyway we went back there again today (15th July 2014) and it went smoother.

What I had

Terry's Chocolate Orange Milkshake
There's even flavours like Cocoa Pops, Love Hearts, Carrot Cake and Bakewell Tart! But the milkshake I chose was delicious:)


Where I got my clothing:
Blue&White Floral Cami Top - Dorothy Perkins (in the sale at £7 from £12?)
Black Leggings - New Look (£6.99)
Mini Black Satchel - Primark (£6)
Nail Polish - Plum 337 Barry M Gelly (£3.99)

~I was also wearing my blue Vans (about £45)~

Hope you enjoyed the post, it's something different that I haven't done before but I haven't done many posts before either :)


Monday, 14 July 2014



On the 2nd July 2014, I decided to have a non-stop Harry Potter Movie Marathon, literally I started at 8:30am and watched all 8 movies until 4am the next morning because I have no social life at the moment. I even had the chocolate frog and Berty Bots Every Flavour Beans to eat from the Harry Potter Studios when I went earlier this year to eat whilst watching the movies.

It was even solid chocolate:)

Anyway I did actually have one of my friends over at 10am-5pm so when we wanted lunch we decided to quickly heat up some soup in the kitchen (obviously). I just turned the gas on, on the hob/cooker when my friend was just standing next to me staring at the kitchen roll that. Next thing I knew she said: 

"Georgie THERE'S A FIRE"

 I seriously thought she was joking and I looked over at the pan of soup and the kitchen roll was right next to the pan that was over the hot gas, and bearing in mind kitchen roll is thin and paper, it caught on fire.  Typically, this was the ONE DAY my parents were both at work and all I could see were flames behind the pan of soup. I had NO IDEA what the hell to do. My friend decided to try and pick up the flammable fragile kitchen roll that was on fire and put it in the sink which was luckily pretty much next to the cooker, however this DID NOT go according to plan because it just started to rip and fall, so she had to put it back down or she would have burnt herself.

So at this point in time I was shaking and in a lot of panic because the fire just started to get bigger and bigger so I went over to the sink and grab water in my hands and chuck it onto the flames, which didn't do much as the water didn't stay in my hands that much. 

Luckily my Dad (and his love for coffee) had left his coffee mug out next to the sink from the morning, before he went to work, so my friend grabbed the mug, filled it with water and poured it on the flame which allowed it to go out.

Seriously, if we left it any longer the flames would have reached the cupboards above us and caught on fire and the whole house would probably be non existence right now. Once the fire was fully out I just stood there in complete and utter relief that the fire was out but in shock of what had just happened.

After cleaning the mess of the burnt paper, we even carried on cooking our soup and this time it went smoothly and we got through the process of warming the soup up for about 6 minutes without anything catching fire, spilling anything, it went fine.

I still haven't told my parents anything about it because the smell of fire was covered up by the smell of the soup we had for lunch, thank God, so when my Mum came back from work she didn't detect a thing, even though I was acting slightly like I was not telling her something but no one asked about it.

Don't cook next to kitchen roll and check for anything flammable around you before you start to cook, which is one of the most obvious things to do but people quite often forget.

SIDE NOTE:Nobody got hurt or injured from this and if anything like this happens to you make sure you stay calm and try and quickly put out the fire and if it starts to become too big call for the fire brigade straight away.


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Stressful GCSEs

Well hello, yes I haven't blogged since around January time and it is now the second of July so it has been just under 6 months since my last blog post but by the title I used I am gathering you understand why. I had my GCSEs.

If you are not from England/ the UK you may not know what GCSEs are, so let me explain. In the UK we have these important examinations in the last year of school to set us out for our next level of education whether that would be to go to Sixth Form or a Collage or an apprenticeship.  And, no, it isn't just one examination for each subject you have taken for GCSE; a lot have two and sometimes even three exams.  Over one month I had 16 exams to do, bearing in mind I had 3 last year and I took my English Language exam early in November 2013.  It was a stressful time due to the amount of exams there are.

I am not just going to write about how dreadful and stressful the past 6 months have been for me because it is over now and I don't want to worry any year 10's that may be reading this for next year, but I am going to be honest.

So I started small amounts of revision in February, which seems quite early but it is worth starting around that time to make sure you go over everything. I started stepping up my revision a lot in the Easter holidays.  Anyway, the revision just basically drained the last bit of my social life I was holding on to, so by the end of all the revision and exams I had no idea what to do. I am being serious, I came home from my last exam on Friday 13th June and was like "what the hell do I do?" so I went to Marks & Spencer's with my mum to get food....that is the first thing I did with my freedom....brilliant. After that I was so used at being stressed over something I started stressing over a Sixth Form Induction Day that was two weeks away because I didn't really know anyone who would be doing my classes. So to sum it up, the first things I did with my extended summer holiday was go to M&S and stress about my next hurdle in life...well done Georgie.

GCSEs are stressful because of the amount of work you are doing as you have about 10, 11, maybe even 12 subjects that you have to revise a 2 year course for. But it does feel good once they are all over and I have learned to not worried and think about them in much detail because what is done, is done and I can't change what I wrote, so I have to wait til results day in August.

Overall Year 11 flew by, in fact so did the past 5 years I spent at my Secondary School. I still remember being in year 7 and looking at the year 11s and thinking "it is going to be ages till I'm in year 11" but honestly, it has gone by so fast. Year 11 has also got it's positives; for example at my school we get to have a fancy dress day on our last day of school before study leave and the rest of the school are still in uniform and have classes so it's just a day for year 11 which is fun.  We also got a prom at the end of all the exams, which I honestly didn't want to go to, but my friends dragged me and I am thankful, as I actually enjoyed it, but I think everybody's favourite thing about being in year 11 is the extended summer holiday you get when everyone else is in school. 

I had my fair share of breakdowns and a lot of anxiety (I don't actually have an anxiety problem though) because I am a worrier, even from a young age I have had some problems about worrying about things I shouldn't really be worrying about.  But I let myself listen to music when I started to slack with my revision as in my case it allowed me to be more chilled and carry on with my revision; I also listened to my music or watch some YouTubers when I needed some down time to myself, this, for me, was a very good way of trying to stay calm and not worry about my exams for a bit.

Now I am on my holidays, I will try my best to be posting more blogs, hopefully every week.