Monday, 10 July 2017

Exploring Eastern Europe

So, you may (or may not) have heard that myself and my best friend (who so happens to also be a blogger Izzy K) went around South Eastern Europe in May and had an adventure of a life time.

I am currently in the middle of writing blog posts of each place we went to over on my travel blog,, if you are interested in reading about our travels, what we got up to and the places we saw.

What I get constantly asked when I first see people after coming back is 'what was your favourite country/place you went to?'

I always say Croatia.

Izzy and I went to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungry, Croatia and Slovenia and then travelled back to England via Vienna, Berlin, Brussels and Paris.

I always say Croatia because I had been wanting to go there for the longest time.  We went to Split for some of the time we were in Croatia and I had never actually been to anywhere quite like it before.  I had only ever seen it on photos in magazines, on the internet or from some of my friends.  It was definitely the country I was looking forward to the most before I left as well.

Of course I loved every single country we went to and I would recommend them to anyone who wants something a little different than the typical Western European country people tend to holiday to.

Obviously, the month of May and travelling around Europe was the best thing I've done.  The fact I finally got to start doing something I love and dreaming of for myself was liberating and so much fun.  If you want more of an in sight go over to my travel blog.