Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Favourites 2016

So it is that time when I share you the things I have been loving this month.  It is a fairly long post since I have been loving loads of things lately!

~ Music ~

I decided to do something slightly different with my music favourites this year.  I am going to share my thoughts on my top favourite music favourites (haha) on this blog and then link my spotify January 2016 playlist and you can see what other songs I have been loving this month.


I have been watching a lot more covers on YouTube this month.  I always watch Matt DeFreitas whenever he posts a cover which tends to be every week, he also known as Rolluphills and is apart of the band Cahoots.  I absolutely love his covers, and I have been loving his voice since I started watching his covers two years ago!  But this month I have been obsessed with his covers of Love Yourself If I Could Fly and History so I have been replaying them a lot!!  I have also listened to loads of other YouTubers covers such as Austin Jones, Before You Exit, New Hope Club, Hobbie Stuart Paint/Jon and Izzie Naylor.

One Direction // History

One Direction released their latest and last music video before coming back off their hiatus.  History is one of my absolute favourite songs off their album Made in the AM and I am so glad they made a music video for it.  I thought they would do something like a montage for this music video as it is extremely appropriate to look back what they did in the last 5 and half years.  It is definitely an emotional one!


Okay so on Friday Zayn released his debut solo single.  I am not going to lie here, I wasn't expecting to like his music because he has always said he likes and listens to RnB and I don't.  However, Pillow Talk has been on repeat these last few days and I am officially obsessed with it.  The music video is, erm, interesting to say the least but the song is brilliant.  Definitely recommend you listen to it if you haven't already.

Shawn Mendes

I have been listening to him for nearly 2 years and this past month I have particularly been listening to a lot of Shawn's music.  My favourites that I have been listening to are Memories, Strings Live, Act Like You Love Me. 

~ Beauty ~

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick // 107

I have been looking at this Lipstick for ages now, and since Kate Moss Lippies are my favourites and they had an offer on them in Superdrug for £3.99 I couldn't resist not buying it.  It lasts for so long, longer than the normal Kate Moss ones, and the colour is just a beautiful deep berry red.

Rimmel London Brow This Way // Medium Brown

I used to use this in the transparent shade and on the days I wanted a heavier, more filled in brow I would use the soap and glory brow archery but now I bought this, it's all I need! I never got the medium brown before because I wasn't sure if it would be too dramatic for me but it isn't, especially once all my make-up is on.

Revolution // Highlight Palette

I got this from one of my friends for Christmas and when I opened it I was over the moon because I have only been using a light shade of concealer or white eye shadow for highlighter.  The palette has three different colours of highlight and they are all beautiful.

Real Techniques // Bold Metal Essentials

I have already done a review of these here but I just couldn't leave this out of my January favourites.  I use the big fluffy angled brush and highlighter brush the most at the moment, but that's because my eye shadow brush has been used for a dark eye shadow so I don't use it daily.

~ Fashion ~

Topshop // Ripped Jeans

Oh my life these jeans are heaven!  I have gone through so many different black jeans and I was never fully satisfied with them because of their fit; they were either to long in the leg or big around the waist.  So I decided to get some Topshop jeans which everyone goes on about and I definitely see why!

Zara // Soft Red Plaid Shirt

This is the softest shirt there is!  I am not joking you about this one, it is super soft!  And since it was in the sales down to £19.99 I decided to buy it.  I knew I would get loads of wear out of it because everyone knows my love for plaid shirts by now haha.  There was also a green plaid shirt which I also really wanted but I didn't have enough money and went with the red as it suited me more.  It is oversized, which I love, super comfy and very versatile.

H&M // Black Down Coat
This was an absolute steal n the January sales!  The original price was £60 and I had my eye on one of these coats for a while, for the Boxing Day Sales it went down to £30 but I needed to wait for my bank balance to come through to see if I had enough money!  And because I waited till January 1st it went down to £19.99!!  That is £40 off!! I absolutely love this coat, it is very warm and you cannot feel the wind when you where it.

River Island // Black Handbag

I have been needing a new school bag for ages now, and this time I decided to go for a River Island one, even though they are on the pricer side of £47!  However, this bag fits everything I need in, it is definitely bigger than it looks.  I can tell it is going to last longer than till May which is great because then I will use it as a normal handbag.

~ TV Show ~

The Returned
This is a Netflix original TV show, and since I love murder mystery and drama I thought I would give it a go, especially since Gabbie recommended it in early(ish) 2015.  It is about the dead coming back to life, but not like the typical zombified way you would think.

Pretty Little Liars is back!  If you have read some of my other favourites over the years, you will know that I am a fan, to say the least, of this show.  I have watched the whole thing twice and I am most definitely going to re watch all the episodes and seasons again in the summer!!  Anyway, PLL came back mid January to finish season 6.  The first episode back wasn't the best but after that episode it got back to the good ol' PLL I love!

~ Random ~

Magic Bullet

Thank you Nan and Bompie!!  This was such an amazing Christmas present I was most definitely not expecting at all.  I think my family had gotten sick of me moaning about wanting a magic/nutri bullet for over a year.  I did put it on my Xmas list but I didn't think anyone would buy it me!  I have made loads of types of smoothies, it is great to blend everything together in such a sort amount of time and I seriously recommend it to everyone!

So I cannot believe that is January 2016 done and dusted!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the start of their year and it just gets better as we go through it.

Let me know what you have been loving this month!


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Top 5 Lip Products || Drugstore

This post I will write about some of the lip products that I love, three of which are lip care products and two are lipsticks.  They aren't in any particular order

1. Kate Moss Lip Stick

Surprise, surprise, Kate Moss lipsticks are my number one favourite drugstore lipsticks.  I honestly don't think you can get anything better for the price they are.  They are usually about £5.49 which is amazing.  They stay on my lips for ages, especially the matte ones, and are highly pigmented.

2.  Nivea Lip Butter

I have this in vanilla, and not only does it smell amazing but the product does moisturise my lips if they need a bit of love and care.

3. Coco Butter Lip Butter

I got this because Zoe (Sugg) raved about it (this was years ago now) and thought I might as well give it ago.  The product lasts for ages as you don't need to use a lot, and it is not sticky, which is what we always want! This is the lip butter/balm that I apply every morning before I use any kind of lipstick.  It also gives your lips a nice shine if you were to use it on its own.  Not only that but it smells amazing!!

4. Blistex

This is a brilliant lip product to treat your lips with.  I use this when my lips are dry and need some moisturising, but not sticky Vaseline, actual product that will help them hydrate.

5.  Stay Pout Lip Stick

This is another lipstick from the drugstore that I love.  It is from the brand Seventeen, and is sold in boots.  It stays on for a long time as well, and the colour is amazing, I have it in Found Farewell and it comes out a dark brown red colour on my lips, which I love!  I definitely recommend it, my friend also has a true red lipstick from Seventeen and it lasts her all day at college and all night at a party!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know some of your favourite lip products, beauty or lip care.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Review #6 || Real Techniques Bold Metal Essential Brushes

I am so sorry for not post for over two weeks!  I have just being trying to keep on top of my sixth form work and have as little stresses and anxiety on me as possible.

Anyway, for today's post I decided to review the Real Techniques Bold Metal Essential Brushes, since I bought them just after Christmas with some money I was given.

First Thoughts
I have had my eye on these beautiful make-up brushes since they came out early last year.  However, I have always thought they were too much on the pricey side so I never let myself buy one.

These brushes are the softest brushes you will ever feel!  They are amazingly easy to use for applying my make up.  All three brushes achieve a smooth and seamless finish and I have had many compliments on my make up since I have been using them.

The Different Brushes

103 Angled Powder Brush 

This brush is exclusive to this set of three 'essential' brushes.  This is the largest head of a brush RT have made, and because it is angled it is great for contouring and blending in bronzer.

200 Oval Brush Shadow Brush

I use the sliver eye shadow brush to blend my eye shadow out which works great.  It does say this works for an all over lip application but it is just a little big for applying the actual eye shadow on my eye but it blends really well.

300 Tapered Blush Brush

I use this brush to highlight my cheek bones which works brilliantly as it has a slightly pointed end.  This is probably my favourite brush out of all of them in the set.

They look amazing, the metals make the brush look so luxurious. I think everyone loves how they look really, and I love how long the handle is.

RRP - £64! But I got it in the Boots sale for half price at £32

Extra Clutch Bag

I'm not going to lie, I don't see myself using this at all!  I would have preferred to not have it and pay a little less but it is cute to keep your brushes in when you're travelling.  It would be quite hard to find a bag that would fit these brushes in as they are quite long but this bag, just about, does. 

If you have the money, I definitely recommend them.  They are my favourite brushes I have, they look amazing, feel amazing and apply your make-up brilliantly!  I just think they are a bit too pricey.


So that's my review for the beautiful bold metal brush range from Real Tecniques, I hope you enjoyed it!

Again, I am sorry for not posting since I started back at Sixth Form but now I have got back into a routine, I will be posting more actively.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

30 Facts About Me || Third Edition

So it is that time of year again where I celebrate my blog's birthday (which was actually yesterday oops!) with 30 more facts about me!  I might have to change this soon because I am going to run out of this to tell you hahah.

Anyway I cannot believe that I have had this blog for two years!  It is absolutely crazy, thank you for all the support, reads, likes and comments. So lets get cracking with 30 facts about me!

1. I am so indecisive it is untrue

2. I want to travel the world, not like what everyone else says, I legit want to do it as apart of my job one day

3. I have been to my dream country to visit - Japan - in 2015

4. The countries I most want to visit are Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, Holland, Finland and Brazil

5. I'm turning 18 in February which is quite scary to think about!

6. I have seven concerts to go to from February to April - All Time Low, Little Mix, The 1975, The Vamps (twice), 5SOS and Troye Sivan!

7. I'm finally getting to go to Summer In The City this year with Izzy!

8. 2015 was the first year my eyes haven't changed when I went to get them tested, since I first got them tested in 2005 they have gotten worse each time I went

9. I wear contact lenses and glasses

10. I basically only wear black or plaid

the bit that's white is the dirt on my mirror sorry!
11. I have a travel blog called ticketoutofhere

12. I get stressed about stuff really easily and I hate it

13. I got my second ear lobe piercings done last year

14.  This year I want my nose, tragus and cartridge done

15.  I went to see 5SOS, McBusted, Olly Murs, The Vamps and 1D in concert last year as well as Radio 1 Teens Awards and Bethan's gig with Dodie supporting it!

16. I have marathon-ed the Harry Potter movies in summer 2014 from 8am-4am the next day, and also a slight cheat of a Harry Potter marathon of them in early September 2015 with Izzy over a couple of days.

17. I met Alfie Deyes on 14th November 2014

18. I met Louise Pentland in July 2015

19. I went to the Dan and Phil Live Show in October 2015

20. My sleeping pattern has been messed up since I started GCSE's so this year I want to sort it out

21.  I love photography and maybe this year I will do a photography class

22. I met Bethan Leadley in January 2015, she was so sweet!

I did get a selfie with her but this came out better!

23. I also met Dodie Clarke in January 2015, she is just as lovely in her videos as she is in real life

again, did get a selfie with her but it isn't my best one
because we had to sue flash!

24. I have applied to do Philosophy at University and at this moment in time I have offers for four of the five!

25. I got all B's in my AS Levels

26. I am on Grade 6 ballet, I should have done the exam in June/July but I didn't want even more exam stress!

27. It is my friend, Molly's 18th Birthday today - happy birthday molly!

28. I actually prefer to eat healthy than unhealthy

29. If I eat unhealthy foods for too long/ too much I start to feel gross, and a lot more insecure about myself

30.  We got a kitten in June 2015 called Millie

Again, thank you for another amazing year of blogging!  I can't believe I have been doing this for 2 years now, and I hope everyone is doing good and enjoying 2016 so far! :)


Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello 2016

So most people write a Goodbye 2015, but since it is the first day of 2016 I thought I'd say hello to it!

I want to say that 2015 was such a weird year.  I can't say it was brilliant but I can't say it was the worst.  It was just average. I had so many ups and downs they kind of cancelled each other out.

In 2015, doing AS Levels got to me a bit to say the least.  I wasn't particularly enjoying going into sixth form one bit.  I was never one of those who always hated school, I didn't mind it because I could see my friends and have a bit of a laugh.  But since I started sixth form I started hating going in.  The stress and the amount of work just drained me and made me feel down for the first half of the year, so much so I didn't enjoy anything to the fullest for that amount of time.

However in the summer holidays, I was loving life.  I had a few hurdles to jump over, but I got over them and I had the time of my life when I visited some relatives and travelled around Japan with my Grandma.  In fact I would go as far to say that was probably my favourite part of my life so far!

I have had loads of memories formed in 2015.  I met up with my internet best friend at a concert in May and again in June and it was absolutely amazing but so surreal.  We had been counting down the days since we got the tickets for the concerts, so for the day to arrive and actually getting to meet was so up lifting.

I  also started to learned to drive, I went to a good handful of concerts and I applied to universities and got offers from four them so far.

Thank you to my friends for being there for me throughout the year for the pick-me-ups and laughs we have had.  2015 would not have had its peaks if it wasn't for you guys.

Thank you to my family for the memories and great times we had the past year, and also being patient with me when I get stressed!!
I just want hello to 2016.  I hope it will be less stressful than 2015 was.  Obviously I am going to be the one to try and control my stress levels but it's going to take time.

I want to travel more too because that is when I am at my most happiest along with being at concerts.

2015 has now finished and I cannot believe we have already had a day of 2016.  The year I turn 18, finish sixth form and possibly start university!

I hope everyone had  a great time celebrating New Years last night; I ended/started the year with some of my friends which was brilliant.  Thank you for all the support throughout 2015 from Beau Bloggers and everyone who has read, liked and/or commented.

I wish everyone a happy 2016, make it your year!