Sunday, 28 February 2016

February Favourites

So, February is always a busy month fulled with birthdays and weekends away but this month has been even busier than normal; mainly because of mocks which just finished for me on Friday.  Anyway, as it was a busy month I have got quite a lot of this to share which I loved so lets get cracking....

~ Music ~

monthly favourite spotify music playlist - listen here 


Since watching the carpool with Chris Martin I have found myself listening to loads of different Coldplay songs; old and new.  My favourite is one of their old ones, which I must say I had forgotten, is Yellow.

All Time Low

It's the majority of cases that ATL make it to my monthly music favourites, for  a different reason each time and even if they aren't I will probably have listened to them that month!  Anyway this month I have been listening to one of my all time favourite (ahah) albums of theirs, Nothing Personal.  Not only that but earlier this month I got to see them live in concert which I have been wanting to for ages now.

Good Charlotte

Over the past couple of the months I had found myself listening to Good Charlotte a lot, not for any particular reason.  But this month, I got to see them live as well and they were so good.  They got the crowd going and I must say I prefer them live to on their albums!

The 1975

Their new album is amazing, I have been waiting this for a while now and at the start of this month I couldn't wait until the 26th. My favourite song of theirs that they released before the album is probably The Sound.  I haven't got any favourites from the album yet since I only bought it yesterday but they will develop of the next couple of days.

~ Beauty ~

Mac // Lipsticks

 Before my 18th I didn't really own any high end make-up but I have been craving for some for so long.  My Nan bought me loads including a nude Mac Lipstick in Honey love.  It is a great alternative to the Velvet Teddy my friends got me.  I also got Mac Red lip stick from my friends which is a true red colour which lasts so long!

NYX // Soft Matte Lip Cream

I have been looking at these for ages now and I didn't particularly know which shade to get so I put loads of shades on my birthday list so if someone wanted to buy them for they could and it would still be a surprise.  Anyway, my Nan got me one in the shade Prague which is a beautiful deep pinky plum shade.  I have to say, they are the most pigmented and long lasting liquid matte lipsticks, I will be going to NYX and buying some more!

Nars // Sheer Glow

The first day I wore this I got compliments on it and ever since I started watching Tanya's YouTube videos I have been wanting to try it out.  When my Nan got it me for my 18th I was estatic.  I love the coverage as it is build-able but without building it up is is a nice medium coverage.

Urban Decay

I have been given two of the Naked Palettes for my birthday!  I got the Naked (original) Palette from my Nan and the Naked Smokey Palette from my friends, and I am so grateful for them.  I absolutely love the colours, they last all day/night long and are super pigmented.

Bobbi Brown // Gel Eyeliner

My friends also got me this gel eyeliner for my birthday as well!  I haven't used it all that much yet since I haven't had the chances since I have been stuck in revising and doing mock examinations but the times I have used it, I loved it!  It is super black and, lets just say, if I can use it and create a decent flick/line I think anyone can!

~ Fashion ~

River Island // Black Chunky Heeled Boots

I justified this purchase because I got an email from RI giving me £5 off since it was my birthday and I have been eyeing up these boots for a while.  I love them, they give me height and the illusion of longer legs yet are super comfy and I can spend all day in them due to them being platformed.

New Look // Laced Heeled Boots

I love the trend of these style of heeled boots at the moment so I decided to get a pair that wasn't too expensive but are still comfy and stylish.  These could be worn with anything to dress it up; a playsuit, jeans, a skirt or dress.

~ Movies ~

Disney Princess Movies

Thanks to my cousins, Aunt and Uncle for this favourite, also my friend Holly who told me about it.  Once I was aware of this existence of the box set I knew I had to ask for it for my birthday.  I was and am so happy that I got it, it has all the Disney Princess DVDs.

Romeo and Juliet
I watched Romeo and Juliet on Friday evening mainly because I was seeing the ballet of it the next day and I just wanted to refresh my mind; of course I knew the story, seen it as a play and watched the movie about three times before but ya know just to go over the more finer details.  Also who doesn't love a bit of 21 year old Leonardo Dicaprio?  But ever since I saw it as a ballet (which I definitely recommend if you like the ballet) and re-watched the movie I have been craving to watch it again so it has to go in my favs! The acting is amazing and I loved how they made it more of a modern twist of it.

~ TV Shows ~

Making A Murder
I whizzed through this programme documentary because it is so gripping as you just want to know what happened.  It is a real life story about a man who got sentenced to prison for something he did not do.  I do not want to spoil anything else just in case you guys haven't watched it yet.  It is a Netflix original and I fully recommend it.

I never really thought I would actually like this programme because I tried watching it so many times but I just couldn't get passed the first 10-15 minutes of it, which is completely unlike me!  However after the first couple of episodes I was gripped and watched the first two seasons far too quickly!  The next two seasons I also watched quickly but whenever new characters are put into the show it takes me a while to get back into it.  I am now on season 5 now and if it wasn't for mocks happening the past week I probably would have finished the whole show!


So I hope you have all had a great month; I have had some of my best moments in this month but also some that come close to my worst.  I cannot believe February is already done and March is on its way!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be posting a lot more actively throughout March.


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Week in Photos

Sorry for not posting so far this month, but February is always an extremely busy month for me and my family.  This year was especially busy as both my cousin and I turned 18,  I have also got my mocks in a week so the past two weeks have been insanely busy! 

Anyway, in this post I am just going to post some photos from a week in February which was jam packed with crazy events, I hope you enjoy.

Sunday 7th February

My family came round for afternoon tea and cakes to celebrate my 18th!

Some of the amazing gifts my family got me

Tuesday 9th February 

My birthday and pancake day!

Expect good blog photos after mocks once I get time to use my DSLR! Thanks Mum and Dad
Thank you so much to my friends for such a generous present!

pancakes with my girls

cocktails for myself and Mum

Wednesday 10th February

Piercing and shopping time

Thursday 11th February

Izzy, myself and a couple of friends went out out on Thursday night!

Saturday 13th February

All Time Low and Good Charlotte concert with Izzy

I know this post may be a bit boring for you, but I thought it would be nice for me in later years to see what I did for and around my birthday and to remember such a brilliant week.  Thank you so much to everyone that made it the great day it was!