Sunday, 31 July 2016

July Favoruites

I cannot believe another month has already come and gone!  This month was the first month in absolutely ages, over a year, that I could just relax, do what I want and not feel guilty for doing so.  I got to find loads of new things that I love and some old ones.

~ Music ~


Jessarae finally has music on spotify and I couldn't be happier!  After watching him as a support act at a 5sos concert in April earlier this year I have stared listening to his music and of course I ended up at a gig at his this month.  

If you watch Harry Seaton's covers on YouTube you probably know he has released his debut E.P. this month and I have fallen in love with it!  It is so good, I love every song on the EP just as much as each other.  He has uploaded a music video to his song 'Who Cares?' which is the first song on the EP.

Home Alone // Ansel Elgort
I love Ansel, but most of you probably just know him as an actor, probably from TFIOS or the Divergent series, but he has released his first ever single last week called Home Alone.  I love this song so much, I have been using up my data in car journeys to listen to it.  Ansel has finally been added to the UK spotify as an artist and his new single which is brilliant.

~ Beauty ~

Curly Wurly Shampoo and American Cream Conditioner

As I gave do be a whole post on the shampoo I won't ramble too much but I couldn't not mention this duo I use from lush for my hair.  I have fallen in love with lush's hair products the way I did for their bath products!  These are brilliant for those who have dry curly hair which needs a bit of life getting back into their hair.

NYX Liquid Lipstick // London

I have had my eyes on this liquid lipstick for a while now so I decided to finally get it as it is fairly cheap at £5.50, I know NYX liquid lipsticks are brilliant and it was actually in stock at my local boots, which is a rare occasion as loads of people love this shade!  It is just a natural light brown nude which is great for an everyday look!  It lasts a long time and it isn't too drying on your lips either.

Coloured Eyeliner

I am all for this make-up trend of coloured eyeliner!  Therefore I treated myself to a bright blue eyeliner and I am digging it so much - I am definitely going to have to buy some more..sorry bank account! Last summer I used white eyeliner on the waterline and recently I have been doing the same, it just makes your eyes more open and look more 'alive' haha.  I also put white eyeliner in the corners of my eyes, which makes the eye look bigger, instead of white or light eyeshadow as it seems to last longer.

~ Fashion ~

Sunglasses // Boohoo

I needed some new sunglasses so I took to boohoo as I needed next day delivery at a cheap price.  Anyway I love these sunglasses, I love the shaped and the frame as it has cut out parts and it is just that bit different!  I wasn't sure how well the lenses would protect my eyes from the sun as they were only £8 but they've done a bostin job so far haha!

~ Movie ~

The Conjuring & The Conjuring 2
I love a good horror movie.  When I saw the second conjuring was in cinemas I thought I'd get my friends who share my love for horror movies round to watch the first movie and go to see the second in the cinema.  Of course we all love Vera Farmiga who plays Lorraine. If you love a supernatural horror then I definitely recommend these movies.  I think I prefer watching horrors in the cinema, as it is dark, loud, on a massive screen and you get to see others reactions to the jump scares!

The Man in the Iron Mask
I watched this movie mainly because Leonardo DiCaprio was in it, but once I started watching it I rememerbed I watched this movie years ago with my parents and I loved it.  It is based on the French King Louis XIV and an unidentified prisoner who has been in prison with an iron mask moulded onto him for 7 years.

Disney Movies

Myself and my friend had a day dedicated to princess movies!  I have the Disney princesses box set, yes be jealous!  Anyway we watched The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast and Brave.  It was a brilliant day with brilliant movies.

The Fundamentals of Caring
I saw this on Netflix and had it sitting in my list for a while (I mainly added it because it had Craig Roberts in it, an actor who I loved as a child in one of my favourite TV shows) but I never watched it.  Izzy told me she watched it and she loved it so I thought I may as well since I've wanted to watch it and I'm glad I did.  It's about how a writer is having a career change to a become a carer and he landed a job with a disabled teen.  They end up having a somewhat spontaneous road trip which has its ups and downs. 

~ TV ~

Teen Wolf
So I would never have thought I would actually enjoy TW but turns out I do!  The first 2 seasons came out on Netflix and my friend has been bugging me to watch the series for ages now so I had no excuse!  I don't know what it is about the series but it gets you addicted, I suppose you get attached to the characters.

Jane the Virgin
OMG I need more of this TV Show in my life!  It is definitely not what I usually go for but I needed something different.  It's a more light hearted romantic comedy drama show about a pregnant virgin and how her life has turned upside down!

Breaking Bad
Why have I not watched this until now?  I know I am extremely late on the band wagon for this one but I just need to express my love for this show.  If you don't know what it's about, it's about a husband/father, Walt, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.  As having cancer would cost the family a lot of money and would leave them in debt Walt decided he didn't want that to happen and decided to get into the drug industry to get the money to pay for the therapies and medication.

This is a Netflix original, based on the slasher films and of course the horror movie Scream.  Season 2 started at the beginning of my exams so I decided to wait until I finished, re-watch season 1 and then catch up.  I forgot how much I love this series, it has a lot of blood and gore in it so beware!  

~ Random ~


I have always loved sunsets and sunrises.  I will take a photo, whether that's on my phone or on my dslr, of the sunset/rise if I see one.  I have tones of photos on my laptop just of sunsets and sunrises, I just fine them so beautiful!  This month myself and a couple of friends have gone out in the evenings on walks in order to fine sunsets but of course when you go to look for it, it never works but these evenings hold great memories, just not so great sunset photos.


Since I have finished sixth form and had the whole of July off dong whatever I wanted, I got the chance to actually use my DSLR, which I got for my birthday, more regularly.  Photography has definitely been a major aspect of my month and I've been loving it!

I hope everyone had a great July as well, let me know what you loved about this month!  Sorry this favourites post was so long!

Happy August everyone!


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Jessarae Gig

On Tuesday 19th July Nat and I went into town to go to the Jessarae gig, we had standing tickets so we had plans to get there early-ish and try get front row but as Tuesday was 31 degrees centigrade we decided to go in just before the gig starts and just do a load of dancing at the back because we couldn't bare the thought of sitting outside in the blazing heat.

Jessarae has recently been officially put onto spotify with a few songs including Nobody's Human (my favourite) and Milk & Honey and has an E.P. recently released with the main single being Nobody's Human.  His YouTube channel has more songs he has uploaded including No Warning.

Anyway, naturally I totally forgot to bring my ticket with me and I didn't notice until we got onto the train...round of applause for me please! Luckily my Dad brought the ticket at the next station I could get off at.  However, from delayed trains, me forgetting my ticket and not knowing exactly where the venue was we got there a little late (from the time that it said the concert starts on the ticket - 7pm).

However, the support act (who were absolutely amazing btw!) didn't come on until 8pm so it was all fine.  Because Nat and I had never gone to a gig or concert at this venue before we were actually surprised at how small it was, but I prefer smaller gigs anyway as I feel they have more of a specific atmosphere and are more 'intimate' to say.  Everyone was standing and considering how late we were, we still had a pretty good view and we were still pretty close.

Like I said earlier the support act, Blanco White, were amazing, they were a male duo and the singer's voice was just beautiful!

When Jessarae came on I couldn't wait to hear the songs he were going to sing.  Not forgetting to mention his band who were also amazing. The night was fantastic and I totally recommend you to listen to some of his/their stuff.




The photos were all taken on an iphone so sorry about the bad quality.

 So that concludes yet another concert/gig blog post!  Believe me, I have more coming later in the year as well!!

I hope everyone's summer is going great!


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The A-Z of Me

I absolutely love Amanda's blog, should totally check it out! About a couple of weeks back she posted this blog post of facts about herself being with every letter of the alphabet called 'The A-Z of Me'.  I thought it was a really good idea; it's creative, fun and you get to know the blogger a bit more and I love that.  Therefore I thought, why don't I give it a go...

Awkward - I'm so awkward when I am put in a situation where either I don't know the people around me or I'm the person everyone is looking at

Breaking Bad - the current TV series I am going through and Oh Lord why did I not watch this any earlier?  Definielty reccomend!

Concerts - I think everyone can tell from my blog and me in person that I love music and my favourite thing to do is go to live gigs and concerts, I'm even going to a gig/concert this evening!

Disney - another love of mine, I'm always out looking for Disney vlogs on youtube, watching Disney movies and listening to disney songs but best of all is actually going to Disneyland!

Eating - I love to eat!  I perfer eating healthy, don't get me wrong I love chocolate and cake (my two weaknesses) but when I eat healthy I just feel so much better than if I was eating junk all the time.

Friends - need I say more? I love my friends (and the TV show ahah), they put up with me and we have so much fun together.  I'm so gutted everyone is moving away in September, it just won't be the same!

Gap year - as I just mentioned my firends are moving away (to uni) in September, but I'm not, I am staying in the village town thing I live in (even though I cannot wait to move out) for a gap year.

Harry Potter - who doesn't love Harry Potter? I seem to have made an annual summer Harry Potter marathon as I have done it two years in a row and I am planning another in late August/early September.

Internet - the place I have made friends on and created my blogs, it means a lot to me but there are obviously also negatives about it.

Japan - the country I have always dreamed to go to as a kid and the place I got to visit last summer with my grandma.  It is also the place where I realised that travel had to be apart of my job.

Kittens - I am more of a cat/kitten person than a dog/puppy person!  Kittens are just the cutest animals; they are so playful and friendly!

Leonardo Dicaprio - I love this man!  He has got to be my favourite male actor, Izzy knows how much I love him, Romeo and Juliet is probably my favourite movie which he was in.

Music - something I cannot go a day without, last year I listened to 39,000 minutes of music on spotify alone!

Netflix - I am not the only one who loves netflix obviously but if I am not out or blogging I am watching Netflix!

Outnumbered - a British TV sitcom which was aired from 2007-2014 and is one of my go to series when I need something funny and light heated to watch.

Photography - one of my favourite hobby!

Queen - the band or the royal monarch? Well I bloody love the band and I flipping love the Queen!

Running - a sport I never thought I would actual do willingly and enjoy it!

Sunsets - I love the everything about sunsets; the colour, the vibe, the walk/drive to find the sunset, the photo of the sunset, everything!

Travel - travel has got to be my most favourite thing to do, when I went to Japan I realised I need it to be apart of my job!

UGH! by the 1975 - cool song, cool band.

Vizsla - the breed of dog we are getting in August, specifically the Hungarian Vizsla.

Walks - I love going on walks (again something I didn't think I would say at the ago of 10), with friends or family; it just gives you a little time to chill and take in the scenery around you.

Xylophone - the instrument I was always assigned in music class.

Youth by Troye Sivan - this song just lightens my mood, and gets me dancing.

Zoella - the second YouTuber I subscribed to back in like 2012! (the first YouTuber was Tanya Burr)

I hope you enjoyed the post, something a little different than normal but I haven't done a post like this in ages and I love writing and reading these ones.

Again definitely check out Amanda's blog if you haven't already, I love her posts!


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Summer Bucket List 2016

When I was about 13-14 years old I made a list of 100 things to do that summer, I did all the things on the list I created and it made me feel like I actually did something that holiday!  So I thought maybe I shall use my 13-14 year old self's idea and create a bucket list, instead of 100 things, to do this summer, so here it is:

Spontaneous adventures/trips
Read more
Spa days
Camp with Friends (even if I have to drag them with me!)
 Make a video...
Write more travel blog posts
Figure out life (in terms of uni courses, get a job, apprenticeships, air hostess?)
More piercings
Get over anxiety about driving
Drive on the motorway
Watch the sunset and sunrise
Drinks with friends
BBQ with friends
Run more
Bike rides
Be more comfortable in my body...
Get a job..

This is the list I created on my phone at the end of June once I finished my exams, some have already been semi-completed but as you can tell I want to do a lot with my friends.  I thought since this summer is going to be one of the last where everyone is going to be at the same place at the same time I need to take advantage of it.  I mean my friendship group is hard to get together all at once now as there are so many of us and some live further away than others so when people go to uni in September, getting together is going to be nearly impossible!

This summer I just want to chill out with my friends, travel, be inspired and just have fun because I don't have education to go to in September so I have nothing to stop me.  The majority of my friends will be off to all over the country to their university's at the end of September and I'm not going to see them every day like I used to, which will probably be the weirdest part of the moving to this stage of my life; so I want to make as many memories with them as possible.

I hope everyone has an amazing summer this year, let's make it the best one yet!

Let me know what you're wanting to do this summer!


Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Sixth Form Experience

Well, it's been 2 years.  I have completed my A Level courses at my local sixth form which was attached to my secondary school.   My overall experience of my two years at sixth form have been, well, interesting.

The past two years have shaped me and added to my characteristics, both negatively and positively.  I have had made some friends who will be in my life forever.  Some of my best and favourite memories have been created within the past two years.

Nevertheless I have also had some of the worst times over the past two years; my stress levels rocketed and have been the highest they've ever been, my health worsened (probably due to the stress tbh), panic attacks started to be more regular and I couldn't sleep properly.

I'm not making this post to scare the year 11's who have just finished their GCSE's and are going onto to do A Levels, but this is my honest and realistic experience with sixth form; no sugar coating just the truth.

Organisation is a major aspect of A Levels, normally I would say I am an organised person, I like my lists, timetables etc etc but after doing A Levels I can't say I'm organised at all...  I kinda just took the organisation advice from my form tutor and teachers with a pinch of salt as I thought I would be fine with it, but Jesus was I wrong.  I never wrote down my homework so I relied on my memory or one of my friends in that particular class, my folders were just messy, I would loose notes and basically be all over the place.  This started to be a real problem just 3-4 months into doing A Levels, I started stressing because I wasn't organised enough, and I was becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work people expected off me.

The amount of work that has to be put into each and everyone of my A Level subjects just astonished me, I knew it would be hard and I wasn't actually looking forward to starting the 2 year course back in September 2014 but I still underestimated it.

I would say the worst thing about my experience of doing A Levels was probably the fact I was slowly loosing interest in the subjects I used to love.  A Levels just seemed to drain all the fun and interest out of the subjects; it is just trying to remember as much as you can rather than learn and find out about things that you want.

However, needless to say there were actually positives about A Levels...

As much as I started to hate the subjects I chose to study, the relationship between the students and teachers are a lot more 'friendly' as to say, basically there is a lot of banter going on in class.  For example one of my teachers handed out lyrics to Justin Bieber's Love Yourself and put the music video on at the start of one lesson.

My friendships got a lot closer as well, as we are all going through the same experience which parents don't always understand.  We helped each other through rough times and made hilarious memories which will remain with me forever.

Overall, after the immense stress and pressure I went through I wouldn't change how I did it or what I did.  Sometimes I say to myself and friends I wish I took photography, but I'm glad I didn't because that passion would probably have died down after doing an A Level in it as well.  The friends and memories I have made within sixth form will be cherished and I definitely would not change them for the world.

I will probably do an advice for sixth form and A Levels post later on in the summer, but for now I will say A Levels will probably be the most intense 2 years of your life but the experiences and memories you make out of it will be worth it (hopefully!).


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Visiting the New Puppy and a Beautiful Walk

On Sunday myself, my mum and dad all went up to Leek to visit our new puppy.  

Back in April my Dad out of the blue decided he'd quite like a puppy, I think it was after spending a week with my Aunt's new sausage dog!  He found the breed he wanted which was a Hungarian Vizsla as they would fit with our lifestyle that my parents already have since these dogs love sports and get along with small animals (we have cats).

My brother and myself didn't believe it was going to actually happen, but turns out my Mum and Dad put down a deposit on a girl puppy.  

The breeder, my mum chose, couldn't be better; she uploads videos and photos of Xena (the mother) and her pups onto her facebook page, and seriously my Mum can't stop looking at them!

After getting to visit our new puppy, which we have had many debates on the name (we are going to call her Bobbie), I couldn't be more excited so here are a few photos I took

(Bobbie is the one with the green colour and longer tail)

Bobbie was so sweet, a lot smaller than we thought she would be from the photo and videos but being only 4 weeks old she has a lot of growing to do.  We don't actually get to take her home until 9th August so she will be over double the size when we get her.


After we spent an hour and a half playing with Bobbie and her siblings we went for a walk up the Roches, where there was stunning views.

The best part of the walk was the cute tea rooms half an hour from the end where they sell homemade cakes!  I fully recommend going for a walk up the Roaches in Leek, even if you don't like walking.