Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Favourites || Part 2.0

So here's Part 2.0 to my November Favourites!  I can't believe there was so many things I have been loving this month I had to do a Part 1 and 2!!  Anyway, here are the rest of my monthly favourites;


Saving Mr Banks
This movie shares the background story to P.L Travers, the author of Mary Poppins.  It shows flashbacks to her child hood of her relationship with her father.  It tells the story how Mary Poppins came out in the Disney Movie industry.  I would totally recommend this movie, if you have Netflix give it a shot!

TV Shows

Bates Motel

not mine // source - Google images

I have gotten through both of the seasons on Netflix and now I am craving season three to come on Netflix.  It is a prequel series to the horror movie Psycho, following Norman Bates and his mother, Norma Bates' story alongside his older brother Dylan. 

I'm a Celeb

not mine // source - Goggle Images

I absolutely love this show!  It is on everyday for an hour for three weeks, so it is a bit of a commitment!  This year I have been hooked once again and I love it with all the different characteristics from the celebrities.  If you don't know what it is, it's just a reality TV show which 12 celebrities are sent in the jungle of Australia without any technology, just themselves and necessities and have horrible tasks to complete to get their meals and rewards.  Obviously, there is also a bit of drama going on too...

I have absolutely no idea why this hasn't been in my favourites yet, so I decided to include it this month.  If I describe it to you, and you have no idea what it actually is, it's going to sound boring!  But you watch people watching TV shows, it's not a scripted drama but is classed as an observational documentary, however it is hilarious!  The families and households are the same every week so you get to know their characters and you start connect to them.

The Apprentice

not mine // source - Goggle images

Mum and I love this programme as well!  Most of the contestants get on my nerves but some of the things they do are just hilarious and embarrassing to watch.  It is basically a show where 12 contestants try and get through each week without getting fired, they have to complete a business task which they are spilt into two teams.  There is a lot of drama going on in this programme as well!!


Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights all year round, but I always have mine on in the evening in my bedroom at this time of the year.  It just makes me relax a little bit, especially with some nice candles lit as well.

Gabriella Lindley

Gabby is one of my favourite YouTubers, she is just so nice, stands up for herself and she's hilarious.  Her vlogs throughout the past couple of months have been amazing as well as her main channel videos.  And have you seen her new hair?  It is absolutely stunning!

BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Izzy's vlog from the event - another favourite, she always is!!

I got to go down to London at the start of this month to go to see the Teen Awards at Wembley Arena.  My favourite bands were playing; 5SOS, All Time Low and Little Mix along with Nick Jonas.  The 'surprise act' was Justin Beiber, who isn't my favourite but he can definitely dance I'll give him that!  Demi Lavoto also performed her song 'confident' who I have wanted to see live for a while now and she didn't disappoint.  The atmosphere was amazing and the stories we got to hear about the Teens was astonishing and they definitely deserve the recognition.

Thanks for reading the post and putting up with two parts to this months favourites.  Let me know what you've been loving this month!  It seems like all I have done this month is watch TV shows and listen to music...opps!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and this coming week will be better than the last one.  I seriously cannot believe that December is starting in a couple of days!!  And hopefully I will be going Blogmas :)


Friday, 27 November 2015

November Favourites || Part 1.0

So November is always a brilliant month for new music and this year it did not disappoint.  That's why I decided to make my music favourites of this month into a separate post, otherwise my monthly favourites would be extremely long!

Music Favourites

One Direction

So if you didn't know the 1D boys released their new album, it is the last album before their hiatus, called Made in the A.M.  Can I just say it is probably my favourite of all five albums, sorry Zayn! Midnight Memories has been my favourite album, but I think this has topped it. Again, it is more mature and the songs are just amazing, my favourites at the moment are Olivia, If I Could Fly and History.

Lower Than Atlantis

So LTA re-released their self-titled album on the 20th November and has been teasing us with releasing the cover songs they added to the album.  My favourite out of the covers they put onto it has got to be Strong (originally sung by Robbie Williams) or The Reason (originally by Vanessa Carlton).   I loved the album already, so when I found out they were re-releasing it with more songs I was buzzing!  Definitely one to take a listen to if you aren't into pop that much.

Little Mix

Yes obviously my music taste has a wide scale if it can go from LTA to Little Mix, but if you haven't heard Little Mix's new album, 'Get Weird', which was released at the start of the month, give yourself a treat and give it a listen.  One of my favourites if Weird People but I also love Grown and A.D.I.D.A.S.

5 Seconds of Summer

Obviously their album came out late October but I have got to put them in my favourites again because I have been listening to them all through this month as well.  Sounds Good Feels Good is just mind blowing and is great to run to or just sing your heart out to, and I cannot wait to hear it live!  

Troye Sivan

Oh Troye!  His album is out on 4th December!! How amazing is that?!  But seriously I have been jamming to YOUTH and TALK ME DOWN a lot this month!

Good Charlotte

I don't know why but I have noticed that I have been listening to some Good Charlotte songs this month when I haven't been listening to the new music which has been thrown at me this month!  I have been loving Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, Girls & Boys and The Motivation Proclamation.  Definitely recommend if you like rock-y type of music.

Simple Plan // Boom

This month has just been full of a range of music. Simple Plan's song Boom has been on replay a lot as well.  It's just a good so to dance and get you happy.  I was also listening to this song a lot in October as well so I had to give it a mention!

I told you I had a lot of music favourites this month! So in the next couple of days I will post my Part 2.0 of my Monthly Favourites which will include the rest of them.  I hope you enjoyed today's post and you all had a good week.


Monday, 23 November 2015

Review #5 || Primark Candles

Sorry for not posting at all this past month, it has not been the best month of the year in terms of stress and sixth form but I am here and back at writing blog posts!

Reviews seem to be my favourite things to write at the moment but this time I am not reviewing anything to do with beauty, obviously by the title of the post I will be reviewing candles.  

Last month or so, Mum and I did a cheeky shopping spree and popped into Primark.  We either love it or hate there, and this time it was a love it experience for us and hate it for the bank!

 Anyway, I have always wanted to pick up a few Primark candles and give them a go, and since it is autumn and I was in need of some candles I thought I would try them.  So these are the ones I picked up;

First Thoughts
"How can candles that smell and look so good be so cheap?!"
From what I have heard about them, I thought it was too good to be true and that they won't actually be as good as people say, but there are believe me!

They obviously don't have such a strong scent, like Yankee Candle, but for the price you pay I would say it was really good.  Definitely makes my room smell nice and autumn-y!

To me, they don't look like they are from Primark at all!  The glass jars that they come in are like ones you could get in the more expensive shops, my favourite is the rose gold coloured jar.

Burning Hours
They go down quite fast I'm not going to lie,but then that may be because I burn them a lot!  
Blackcurrent and Forest Plum - 30 hours
Winter Berry - up to 12 hours
 Rose Gold Jar - 16 hours

I would say that the Rose Gold may be just less than what it says because, for me that was the one that was finished first and the other two are still going.  The Winter Berry is nearly finished but, I would say that was more like 16 hours! 

£1-£2.50!  Yes that cheap!
Blackcurrent and Forest Plum - £2.50
Winter Berry - £1
 Rose Gold Jar - £1.50

Definitely yes!  If you find yourself in Primark or in need of some candles grab some from Primark, you can't go wrong with a couple of quid.

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of posts of the past couple of weeks, but I will get back into posting more actively.  Hope you all have a good week :)