Thursday, 19 February 2015

My YouTube Inspirations

Tanya Burr

Tanya, was my first ever YouTuber I started to watch properly, by properly I mean subscribed to and watched her videos weekly.  This was about 3 years ago now and I think I realised that she is one of my inspirations around this time last year.  Her positivity rubs onto me and she never fails to make me smile.  I just love how she always tries to find the goodness out of everything, and one day I will hopefully feel the same.  Tanya is also confident about herself and that is something I look up to.  To see how far Tanya has came from just writing a blog, to making a successful YouTube channel and making her own make-up range and book is just amazing and definitely inspiring. I think you can tell that I love Tanya!!

Carrie Fletcher

that smile is seriously contagious!:)
Now, for me, Carrie is living the dream.  If I was a triple threat (good at singing, dancing and acting) I would be trying to get into the West End.  I have always loved musicals and I have been dancing since I was 4 or 5 (I am still not good at it! haha) and when I was 10 I started attending my local musical theatre productions.  We put on shows and musicals at theatres and did exams and I absolutely loved it.  I went through years and years of my childhood saying I wanted to become an actress but it stopped in year 8/9 (13/14 years old) because I realised I was not that good!  Carrie never gave up on her dreams and she's got to where she wanted to be.

Anyway, Carrie, again, is also so positive and shows so much care towards others.  I seriously cannot tell you something that I don't like about her.  She is funny and when I saw her in Les Mis last August I was blown away by her performance (and the rest of the cast obviously). She is also written her own book coming out this April, and I don't see how she has the time for everything in her life, I definitely need some tips from her! Carrie is someone I look up to and I am pretty certain I will for a long time.

Louise Pentland 

Well, Louise, where do I start!  I think Louise is one of my main inspirations because of her confidence and the way she tries to let people know it is okay to be who you are and not change yourself for others.  I honestly, think I am that bit more happier because of what Louise says and does.  Again, she's always smiling which makes me want to smile.  Obviously, she, like everyone else, has her moments of tears and sadness and she isn't scared to show that either. 

Marcus Butler

Marky Butt Butt!!  Marcus inspires me mainly to be more healthy within my life.  My friends would tell you I like to eat healthy, which is probably due to doing Home Economics: Food and Nutrition for GCSE and down to Marcus and Niomi.  If I need a bit of motivation I go to his vlogs, or if I need inspiration on what to eat I would check his or Niomi's recipes they have vlogged.  Not only for the healthiness has he inspired me but he's funny and never fails to make me laugh and I love people like that.

Zoe Sugg

AKA Zoella, Zoe was one of the first YouTubers, after Tanya, who I subscribed to, she didn't even have a million subscribers back then and to watch her grow as a person, have a book out, be on TV shows, have her own product range out in Superdrug and now to have over 7 million subscribers is amazing.  Yesterday, when I was watching her on the Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief, which I have been watching from the first series was seriously strange.  It's like Zoe from YouTube has became famous across the country, across the world! When I first subbed to any of the YouTubers I have, I didn't think they would get famous because it wasn't the most mainstream thing to do, half my friends now don't understand it still!  So to look at Zoe and see her on the news, chat shows and the GBBO is surreal but also amazing.  It is things like that which remind me that anyone can do what they want.  Zoe always makes me smile and inspired to show people who I am, not to be anyone else; to say 'Yes' to things which I wouldn't usually.

I find every youtuber inspirational as I would love to have the confidence to click 'upload' to a video I made and let the internet people watch it, but theses are just my top ones that I feel really inspired by right now :)


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I'M 17! || General Life Update

So on Monday 9th February I turned 17 at 3:33am (half a devil haha) and I have been looking forward to be 17 for a while now, I am not sure why because I wish I was still 6 but it's possibly because I am now legal to drive in the UK.  Even though it was a Monday, I had an amazing day due to my friends and family making me smile and laugh throughout the day.  I went to to an amazing Italian restaurant called Prezzo which was new in our area.  I would like to thank all my friends for the amazing presents that they got me, which I told them they didn't need to! And also my family for my presents, I am starting to learn to drive next month!

Anyway the reason why I haven't blogged since the start of January and being back at Sixth Form is the fact that we have such a massive workload and I haven't had much free time to write a post for my blog as I have mock examinations for my AS Levels in March, so I have revision and homework to do pretty much all the time.  However, I will be trying to posr at least once or twice a month, hopefully I will do a monthly favourites this month because they tend to be the most popular.

I hope you are all having a good term and aren't too stressed (unlike me haha!).  Tomorrow is our Sixth Form's last day of term then we have a week off, but that will be filled with revision but I will have more time to write a blog post:)