Sunday, 8 May 2016

Shawn Mendes Concert 2016

So Friday night Izzy and I went down to London to see Shawn Mendes Live, I have been loving his music and listening to him for years now, so I was excited to see him perform live.  

Friday was a very eventful day (to say the least).  It felt like anything that could go wrong on the way to the venue did and we just weren't meant to go, but we made it, just about. 

So as this was the first time we were going to be properly experiencing the centre of London on our own without our parents we naturally we chose the train that got into London just at the peak of rush hour...good one!

Like I said we had a lot of things that went wrong on the way down to the concert, here is an idea of what we had to deal with...

Our train was delayed - we got to the station at 2:30pm and the train didn't come till 4pm!

We had no idea how to work the tube - legit we didn't even know how to buy the tickets let alone read a tube map

We went to the wrong platform so we ended up on the tube going the wrong way (multiple times) - we didn't know about the northbound, southbound etc until about the second time we got off the tube and saw a sign to northbound bakerloo

Paddington stop (the one we needed) was closed - we only noticed when we were in the tube itself as we were heading to Paddington station, so we had to ask the woman next to us and we followed her as she seemed to know her way better than us

We had an 1 hour 40 minute train journey down and then we somehow ended up spending about another hour 'tubing' and it was about 7:30pm when we got to Hammersmith which we were aimlessly walking around trying finding the venue even though I knew it was directly opposite the tube station we still couldn't find it...

We hadn't eaten since we left the house other than half a chocolate bar each (thanks Izzy) and I bought a wrap at the station but as we were going into the venue they took it off me, and believe me this was when I was starting to get hangry (sorry Izzy).

Anyway were got there just in time to watch the supporting act James TW (with my kettle crisps I bought from the bar inside). 

When Shawn came on Izzy and I were both blown away.  It was absolutely amazing, my favourite part was when he got the whole audience to be quite and he sung the end of Aftertaste acoustically, no microphone, no guitar, no backing music, just him on stage.  It actually bought tears to my eyes, and I am not even joking when I say that. 

Unfortunately due to the last train to our station leaving at 22:37 we had a taxi booked at 22:00 so we had to leave before the end, after only an hour of him coming on stage, just gives us an excuse to see him again!

Turns out our taxi didn't turn up or we couldn't see him so we had to run to the tube station.

We were still on the first tube train from Hammersmith to Baker Street at 22:37 so I was stressing the hell out!  We did, however, find out earlier in the day if we did miss our train there was another train at 23:07 going to a different station but it was close enough one of our parents would pick us up so we had to aim for that one instead.

We were literally legging it through the stations to try and get that train (it was the first time I saw Izzy running!) or we would be sleeping rough that night...

Eventually we just about made it and I seriously cannot believe we did it!

So that was our little adventure to London to see Shawn Mendes, it was a little more eventful than I thought it would be!

Izzy has also written a post about it, she has written about the disasters in more detail if you want to laugh at our expense!