Friday, 24 February 2017


My motivation for the majority of January had disappeared and usually I would say I am quite a motivated person.

But not having responsibilities, not having a job or any structure or schedule I was loosing my motivation.

I finally decided that the last week of January was the week I would finally sort my life out.  I'll apply to jobs, I'll sort out my Camp America interview and I will ask about volunteering at one of my local charity shops.

And all in one day I had my taster session at a local charity shop, got a call to start back at my old job and my Camp America interview day.

Now I'm back at my job, done my interview and passed and done a month volunteering in a charity shop, I lost motivation for blogging.

I seriously don't understand where it has gone lately, for the last half of 2016 I barely blogged.  I put it down to doing 32+  hours at work a week but during January I did just two posts...

Motivation is a weird thing, it comes is waves and then goes, I have even had the majority of this post written out in my drafts for weeks.

Anyway, I am now going to find time every week to write at least one blog post to upload.  Then maybe I'll be able to get my motivation back because I miss it.


I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their 2017 so far.  At the start of this year (2nd January) my blog turned 3 years old!  I have been blogging for THREE YEARS!  Time fly's by!  I have also turned 19 this month which is crazy because I'm in my last year of teen-hood!

Anyway, I hope you have a good weekend, see you soon.