Friday, 10 October 2014

Tag #2 || The Disney Tag


I have seen many Disney Tags floating around the internet and since I flipping love Disney, a hell of a lot, so I decided to look through a load of different Disney tags and write down some of the questions that I will answer in this post.  So lets get going.

1. Favourite Disney movie

I absolutely love Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Tangled and Jungle Book. I can't just pick one.

2. Favourite Disney character

Ooohh. I would have to say  Rapunezel, Dory, Aurora, Simba and Olaf.

3. Favourite Disney princess

Rapunzel or Aurora

4. First Disney movie you saw in the theatres?

I remember this vividly.  I went to see Finding Nemo for one of my friends 6th birthday in December 2003. It was also my first movie I saw in the cinema.

5. Favourite Disney song

I have so many but When Will My Life Begin, I Wanna Be Like You, Circle Of Life, I Just Can't Wait To Be King and Let It Go are my top five.

6. What is my dream job at Disney?

To be a Disney Princess obviously!

7. Saddest moment in a Disney movie

The start if the Up movie or at the start of Finding Nemo when the shark eats all the baby fish or when Wendy, John and Michael have to go back home from Neverland and have to grow up. I also think in Monster Inc. when Sulley was putting Boo back to her bedroom was a sad moment. Writing this answer has just made me realise there are many more sad moments in my favourite Disney movies than I thought.

8. Best Disney kiss

Aurora and Prince Philip or Rapunzel and Flynn.

9. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which one would you choose?

I want to say Wonderland but I don't think I could actually live there, it would only be a visit.  But to live I would probably want to live in Neverland from Peter Pan because I don't want to grow up, even though I know it's inevitable.

10.Best Disney Princess sidekick

I've got to go with Olaf.

11. Best Disney sidekick


12. What Disney movie, even if it is not your favourite, has a special place in your heart and why?

Finding Nemo will because it was the first movie I saw at the cinema.  Pinocchio, Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan and Jungle Book 1 and 2 will also have a special place in my heart because I always watched those movies at my Grandma's and Granddad's house after school on a Friday.

13.  What unforgettable experience/moment you've had at a Disney Park?

I remember walking into the hotel for the first time which I will never forget, but in the park it self I remember forcing my parents on the ride Its A Small World because there was no queue so we went on so so many times (yes I am aware of how bad it is). I also will never forget the King from Arthur taking my tiara off me when I was eating in the restaurant where all the characters came out. Don;t worry I got my tiara back.

14. When was the first time you went to a Disney Park?

I was 6 so the summer of 2004, I going again this year!

15. If you could choose any Disney character to be best friends with, who would you choose?

This is a hard question.  I have no idea, there are just so many. I think maybe someone like Rapunzel or maybe even Baloo from Jungle Book.

16. A scene/moment that never fails to make you cry

The scene at the start of Up.

17. The first Disney movie you watched

My Mum says she thinks it was Cinderella, which I can believe, either that or Sleeping Beauty.

I nominate Izzy who I know is also a massive Disney fan, to answer these questions.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dear 18 Year Old Georgie

Dear 18 year old Georgie,

I have always wanted to do one of these, but I wanted to do it as a video and upload it onto YouTube, but I am not that confident to do that yet, so maybe your response, future me, could be a video? But my friend Izzy, did a blog post on it and I thought I could do the same, instead of a video of which I would be really awkward in!

Anyway, I know it is a little late, I have been 16 for nearly 8 months, but it is better late then never right?  Anyway, now I have done just about a month at Sixth Form, I have made a few new friends, which I didn't think I would, since I am not good in those type of situations. I just hope I don't stress out and don't get too much anxiety during your exam periods like I did for GCSE's.  Everything at Sixth Form is going great, I am on top of my work and I think I get pretty much all of it. By the time you are reading this, you should be 4-5 months away from finishing Sixth Form and hopefully have an idea of what you want to do with life and what you want to do after Sixth Form; university, a gap year or even just dive right into getting a job.

Let's be honest here, I am a fangirl, and I can not see that changing in under two years.  As you will know I am apart of many fandoms including; One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Little Mix, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran, and a lot of YouTubers (Tanya, Jim, Zoe, Alfie, Joe, Caspar, Dan, Phil, Louise, Gabby etc) and many more.  I love many TV programmes including Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Waterloo Road (British TV show) and many crime/murder mysteries. I don't think I will loose my love for any of those but I wonder if anything has changed? Maybe a love for even more singers, books, authors, movies or TV programmes?

I hope, you (18 year old Georgie), could be a little less socially awkward like you are at the moment. Maybe go outside a bit more other than to concerts, live shows, for meals out and shopping. You should go outside of your comfort zone a bit more, if you already haven't.

Maybe, 18 year old Georgie, you could actually go to the parties you are invited to and not just come up a with a lame excuse so you can listen to music, read books, go on the internet and netflix.  Live a little, and enjoy yourself a bit more.

Here's some photos of what you have done since you have been 16;
16 year old Georgie in the Great Hall at the Harry Potter Studios

Little Mix Concert (May 2014)

bad quality but One Direction at Wembley Stadium (June 7th 2014)

XFactor Concert (March 2014)

Top Ten Things I Love (no particular order)
2.  Movies
3. Quietness (unless at a concert)
4. Concert
5.  Checkered patterns
6.  Youtubers
7. London
8. Musicals
9. Disney
10. Friends

What I hope I have achieved by 18 years old;
1. To be more confident within myself
2. Know what you will want to do for a job
3. Have posted a couple of youtube videos
4.To still be blogging
5. To hopefully have dyed your hair and/or got another ear piercing (2nd ear lobe)
6. To have passed all my AS levels and be on target to be passing my A Levels

So that is a little insight in what it was like to be 16 year old Georgie, is it much different than 18 year old Georgie? Have you done the things 16 year old Georgie wanted? How much have you changed? Are you still into the same music, youtubers, TV programmes etc?  Has your fashion sence changed?

16 Year Old Georgie