Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Favourites

I'm back!  Sorry for the lack of posts recently, my life has been hectic to say the least this past couple of weeks.  Anyway, it is that time of the month again when I share to you guys what I have been loving this month.  It's scary to think tomorrow is going to be October!  So much is going on in October for me, so it should be a goodun!  But for now back to September:)



When is 5 Seconds of Summer not in my favourites?  This is a pretty standard favourite of mine and I think you're probably bored of me writing about them!  But their She's Kinda Hot EP has been on repeat as well as Fly Away, Money and Jet Black heart which I got as I pre-ordered their album on itunes.  Seriously cannot wait to hear their album which comes out 23rd October.

Infinity // 1D
If you haven't heard One Direction's new song from their album coming out in November where are you?  I know it only been out like a week but it is seriously amazing and everyone should give it a listen, it's on Spotify and iTunes.

Fight Song // Rachel Plattern

I believe this song has been out for a while, correct me if I am wrong?  But I have been watching the music channel a lot recently and this song has been popping up and eventually I gave it a shot and I loved the message Rachel is trying to get across.  It is my motivational song of the month (oohh that should be a thing...!?!) when I need to get something done whether that's an essay, catching up on notes, running or making breakfast.  It just puts me in a much better mood.

Little Mix
Oh these girls keep cropping up too!  Hair, Grown (Live) and The End (Acoustic) have all been on replay this month.  The girls never fail to put a smile on me and these songs are just amazing.  And their new song, released a couple of days ago, Love Me Like You (on Spotify and iTunes) is also absolutely brilliant and I will be dancing around the house to this song for a while!

All Time Low

Oh All Time Low,  All Time Low.  Can you sense a pattern guys?  5SOS, ATL and Little Mix?  Anyway I have been listening to their album Future Hearts on car journeys to university open days and not only that, I got tickets for Izzy and I to go and see them 4 days after my 18th birthday next year and I am pretty damn excited!!


Sleeveless jacket

I love this.  I got this for sixth form but I have also worn it outside of sixth form because I love it so much.  I have also had loads of compliments on it when I wear it.  It is just a little different from the average blazer everyone else wears.  I wanted something a little longer than a normal blazer because skater skirts just don't always look right on me with a blazer.  Also it is perfect when it's that weird weather of cool in the morning and gets warm throughout the day but it's not cold enough for a jumper AND  a blazer or a coat!  I tend to wear it with a long sleeve fine knit or blouse underneath.

TV Show

Pretty Little Liars

*photo from google images*

Oh dear.  This is shameful but I'm not at all ashamed of it!!  I have re-watched the WHOLE of Pretty Little Liars, starting mid August and I have now officially got back to Season 6 Episode 10.  I'm not got to lie, it was still amazing even knowing who A was.  Re-watching the first couple of series was interesting because I forgot a lot about what happened when.

The Great British Bake Off

*photo from google images*

Who doesn't love a good bit of the Great British Bake Off? Am I right or am I right?  Mum and I have been watching the GBBO since season 1 when it used to be on BBC 2.  Mel and Sue are just hilarious to have on the show and you get attached to that one who you want to win!  Can't believe tonight is the semi-final!

Educating Cardiff
I love the educating series and this year they did Cardiff.  Sometimes it can be a bit emotional but it is mostly giggles!  It is just a documentary of a secondary school in Cardiff and focuses on different issues each week whether it is year 11 girls or a year 7 boy.  Since I have finished my secondary school years I can relate to a lot of it as well!!


Independent Movies
I have watched about 4 independent movies in the past 3 days which I have found on Netflix and I just love them!  They are all romantic stories but all have a slightly different twist to them.  I love God Help the Girl, Restless and 6 Years the most I think.


Sorry I haven't been writing and posting much, I just needed time to get back into my routine of sixth form and I have had at leat one university open day every weekend for the past month which takes the whole day and the next day I need to catch up on school/home work.  It has definitely been hectic in my life at the moment!  But I have posted my last part of my Japan series on my travel blog tickoutofhere, go check it out if you want.

Thanks for reading all this ramble,  I enjoyed a LOT of things in September it seems, mostly watching and listening mind you!!  Hope you enjoyed it, and I will start posting more often again now I have a little more time now most of my uni open days have came and gone, which is scary because the next step is deciding my choices!!


Monday, 7 September 2015

Review #3 || The Body Shop Coconut Oil

I think everyone knows of The BodyShop right?  If not, it is a beauty, bath and body/skincare shop which uses natural products which are 100% vegetarian.  It is passionate about sustainability, protecting the planet and trading fairly.  

This coconut oil is a community fair trade organic product.  It is in a solid form, which when is rubbed on your fingertips turns into a balm to apply onto your hair.  It smoothens, conditions and adds shine to your hair.  You can use this product on dry hair and that's what made me order it!

First Thoughts
I was excited to try this and couldn't wait to get it in the post.  The first time I used this product in my hair I wasn't 100% sure what to think, but I also knew I loved it, if that makes sense...!  I did grow to love it the more I used it!

Applying It
It was fairly easy to apply.  You just had to be careful not to apply too much of it otherwise it can make your hair look greasy.  Just use your fingertips by rubbing them into the coconut oil and on your fingers till it's a balm.  Smoothen it into the ends or where you want it of your hair and wa-la you are done.

Does it Work?
Yes!  It definitely does, I mean it isn't a miracle worker and doesn't make my hair completely silky looking, but nothing I have yet used does.  But this product works for me when I have frizzy bits sticking out when I put it in plaits or tie it up or when my hair needs to be smoothened down a little and I have frizzy dry ends. 

£5.50 BARGIN!  Especially for the BodyShop and how much you get.  You don't need much at all to get a smooth shine look, so it'll last me a good amount of time.

I would definietly recommend this product to anyone that has frizzy hair and you want to smoothen out and add a little shine to it.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this review, I am hoping to do more of them now as I really like writing about products I have used and giving recommendations!

Today was the first day back at sixth form for me, goodbye social life and hello studying and stressing 24/7!


Friday, 4 September 2015

Lifestyle || Top 3 Quick Healthy Lunches

So here's another healthy lifestyle post; my last one, about breakfasts, went down well with you guys so I'm doing one for lunches.  These are all quick and super easy to do, so you can do these at home at the weekend when you're in a rush but still want to be healthy.

1. Soup and a wholemeal bread roll

I tend to edge towards the tomato based soups with lentils and/or vegetables in it.  I also know that soup can contain a lot of salt so I always look at the salt content before I buy it.  In  the winter I sometimes make my own soup so I can have full control of what goes in it.  But for a quick lunch at home in the holidays or weekend I think it is a healthy way to go.   I add a wholemeal bread roll to it to add fibre and carbohydrate we all need.

2. Wholemeal vegetable grilled wrap with avocado salsa

So I stumbled across this concoction when I had half an hour before my friend was coming round to watch a movie and we agreed we would eat before hand.   I just grabbed a wholemeal wrap, loads of veg, some cheese and our George Foreman grill.  I chopped some veggies up and put them and some cheese in the wrap  and allow it to cook for about 5 minutes in our George Foreman contact grill.  Whilst that was happening I cut up 1/2 an avocado and some tomatoes to make a healthy salsa for a side and added some sugar snap peas.  All in all, I fell in love with it and had it for lunch the next day as well.

3. Two-way salad // Pasta salad with salad

For this I just made a salad, with the vegetables I like, obviously including avocado!  Then I added a portion of a pasta salad pot (would be better if I made it obviously!); this one is spinach and pine nut pasta salad and I always look at the fat, sugar and salt content.  The avocado has healthy unsaturated fats that you need in the diet, the rocket and spinach both have fibre and many essential minerals including iron and all the other veggies have different vitamins and minerals you need.  You can also take this to work or school to have for lunch.

Well, I hope you found that interesting or gave you some inspiration.  Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any healthy lunches you like to have.

P.S - I got tickets to see All Time Low next year!! So excited!

Have a good weekend:)


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Life Update || Japan, Travelling and the Future?

So I went to Japan this summer with my Grandma from 21st July - 10th August and the reason I haven't written it up on this blog is because...I wrote it on my new blog!

Yes, yes, yes!  Before I went away I said I was thinking of getting a new blog for eating healthy, exercising etc and that is still a major passion of mine.  But that trip made me realise what I really want to do with my life; travel.  So I thought instead of shoving absolutely everything onto one blog and getting it all jumbled together I should make a new blog on travelling.

The overwhelming feeling I got when I was there and on the way back to England of wanting to travel and explore the world made me rethink what I was doing.  I want to live life the way I want and if that's loving to travel and write blogs then maybe I should try journalism.  (Which some of my family members and friends have been saying for a bit now.)  

I honestly don't mind if you don't read this new blog of mine because the posts aren't on this blog but I just wanted you guys to know because it is a major step for me.  I have the help and support of my family and friends and this is really what I want to do.  

I am not by any means stopping to write on this blog, it just means I will also write on another blog so I may not be posting as often on this  blog but still posting the same amount across two blogs, if that makes any sense!

My travel blog //

If you do read my blog, I hope you enjoy it, maybe follow via email if you don't have wordpress, like, comment?  But I'm not going to make you! :)  Hope you are all having a good week.