Sunday, 27 November 2016

Twenty One Pilots Concert 2016

This time two weeks ago myself and Izzy were at the Twenty One Pilots gig at the Alexandra Palace in London and how crazy that night was!

We decided to go to the London Euston train station so that meant we had to get into Birmingham to get the train down.  We got into London Euston early afternoon, checked in our hotel and then we headed off to the venue mid afternoon.

We decided to get the tube to Finsbury Park and then get the W3 bus from there to the venue, easy enough right? Oh no not for Izzy and I!

After the tube we found the bus stop and as we were getting on the bus with the change in our hand the bus driver told Izzy and myself that they don't actually accept 'real' money only Oyster cards, travel cards or contact less payment.  What kind of bus doesn't accept money? Anyway I used my contact less card but of course Izzy's card isn't contcatless and I wasn't allowed to pay for Izzy's on my card for some reason.  Of course we don't have Oyster cards and we didn't think we could use the travelcard on buses otherwise we would have bought one instead of the return tube ticket. The people behind us, obviously Londoners, decided to carry on past us making it obvious we are not from London, so after a couple of minutes the driver just let Izzy on.


Can I just take a moment and say just how amazing Josh and Tyler were that night.  Their performance was incredible! Even though neither of us could see all that much being short and all, we still loved it.

So the concert finished at 11pm which was expected and as we were walking out the venue, we saw a W3 bus just setting off from it but we didn't care because we could just get the next one in 10 minutes right?... ha NOPE.

Once we got down to the bus stop the queue was hideously long but that's fine we haven't really got a time to get back to the hotel other than the fact that we were waking up at 4:45am to get the 6:20 train out of London so I could get to work on time for my 9-6 shift the next day!  No biggy.

Can you see the way this story is going yet?

We just waited for the next one and realised we probably wouldn't actually get on it.

The W3 bus after that, which we would have gotten on, was out of service and did a U turn at our stop and went the other way, baring in mind we had seen about half a dozen W3 buses go in that direction, it was just disheartening.

The next W3 bus at about 11:45pm was too full but stopped anyway so we all ran towards the bus, like everyone else, to try and get on.  There was no where near enough room for us.


The last tube was about 11:48pm and so we had missed the last tube so we planned a different route back to the hotel.  We decided once we got to Finsbury Park we would catch the last 253 bus to London Euston at 00:31am.


Finally, the next W3 bus came at 00:05am giving us 25 minuets to catch our last bus in extremely slow moving traffic when in normal traffic it took 20 minutes.

Anyway we got to Finsbury Park by some miracle at 00:25am giving us 6 minuets to try and find the bus stop so we quickly found the bus stop map and then legged it to our stop just in time at 00:30am.  However it was 00:40am and our bus still hadn't arrived.  I found that there was a N253 bus which seemed to only have one time of 00:48am so we hoped this time our bus would turn up.

It was 00:48am and our bus actually turned up!  We finally made it to our hotel at 1:30am and I made it to bed just after 2am.


That night I probably got a good half hour nap after being buzzed from the concert and stressed about the alarms going off and the train being cancelled.

Anyway we did make it on our train on time and I just about got into work but oh God was it stressful!  

Can I just give a shout out to my best pal coffee right now for helping me through that long long day at work.

TOP was definitely a night I will remember.  They do put on a amazing gig, I am totally going to go to another concert of theirs.   Bry, their support act, was also brilliant and recommend you give him and Twenty One Pilots a listen if you haven't already.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

My Relationship with Autumn

I love autumn.  I think if you read my blog last year you would have figured that one out already!  The colours, scents and weather of autumn makes me feel happy and cosy.  However this time of year, mid September to the start of November, I always seem to have a bad mindset.

Autumn is a very strange time of year for me and I have never really spoken about to anyone.  This year seems to be the best autumn I have had in a while though.  Maybe it's because I'm out of education, maybe it's because I have grown as a person or maybe it is something completely different and my mind is allowing me to not have a completely negative mindset this time around.

Of course I still have my autumn negative mindset but it is not half as bad as it used to be.  And of course I still get negative thoughts throughout the other seasons of the year but autumn, for some reason, for me, was paritcuarly bad between the ages 14-17.

The thing that really frustrates me with my relationship with autumn is the fact that it is my favourite season but I have never been able to enjoy it to its fullest.

However I think we all have the negative mindset at some point in our lives, some more than others of course.

I am a true believer in fresh air, exercise and doing what you want, will make you feel better.  Ever since I started going outside more, going on walks, taking in nature and doing a bit of exercise I have enjoyed my life a lot more, and I have been a lot more positive.  You also shouldn't restrict yourself to do the things you want to do because your friends don't like it or you think you won't be good at it.

This autumn I have gone on so many walks around woods, fields and the countryside and I think that helped me get out of the annual negative mind and appreciate the changing colours of the trees and the autumn I have always loved.