Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June Favourites

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I had such a busy week last week at work experience and had so many people's birthdays, but here is my favourite post for June, hope you enjoy:)


Well if you know me, you will know that I love 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS).  I got to see them live on the 5th June and it was seriously amazing!  Anyway, they have been performing Permanent Vacation on tour as their new song and let me tell you, I have not stopped listening to it!  I just love the lyrics, the sound of the instruments and the beat of it.  As they have only sung the song live on tour, there isn't a studio version but it is still amazing.

my photo // muke guitaring at the concert

 The 1975
Okay, you probably know about the drama of The 1975  that happened ealry this month and late last month, but this isn't about that.  I tend to listen to The 1975 when I'm travelling or/and stressed.  This month I have been on several long journeys and have been fairly stressed since going back to sixth form so I have been listening to them a load more than I usually do.  This month I have been mainly loving M.O.N.EY, She Way Out and obviously Girls.  I just find their music so relaxing and calming:)


Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick // Shade 08
I have wanted to stop wearing the darker reds and nudes since it now summer so I went make-up shopping with Izzy and bought one of my favourite brands of lipsticks; Kate Moss from Rimmel London.  This time I got it in shade 08 as it is a pale pink nude so goes with pretty much any make-up look.  It is long wearing and so versatile so this has been my 'go-to' lipstick of the month.


Insidious Trilogy
This month I watched all three of the Insidious movies.  I watched the first again, this time on my own so no one would stop 20 minutes in because they became too scared *cough* mum *cough* and the second one for the first time.  They were both amazing but I preferred the first as you didn't really know what to expect.  I saw the third Insidious in the cinema with Izzy and loved it, it was a different family and the actors were amazing.


Pretty Little Liars
SEANSON 6 IS HERE! I have been waiting for season 6 for too long now!  Season 5 finished in March and it left on a major cliff hanger and waiting for season 6 felt like forever but it was definitely worth the wait.  I have got most of my friends to watch PLL now and one watched all 5 seasons and has fully caught up in about 3 months!

America Horror Story
I did try and get into AHS last year but I only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes so I didn't get into it that much but this month I have watched season 1 in one weekend! Season 1 was seriously amazing, my favourites are Tate and Violet {probably the typically favourites but what can you do!}.

Life Unexpected
My friend told me I should watch this, I first thought it was a movie from the title of the series!  Netflix has the first 2 seasons and I watched them in about 2-3 weeks because it is such an easy watch as you can do something whilst watching it and it does get quite addictive...It's about a girl was who finds her parents who put her up for adoption to get them to sign a document so she can live with her friends but doesn't go quite to plan!


Nice Cream
This is my favourite healthy snack/breakfast of this month.  I love ice-cream but obviously that is not healthy but nice cream has only got fruit in it {sometimes I add water or a drop of milk to help the ingredients combine}.  What you do is add a frozen banana and add some fruit, frozen or not into a food processor and whiz it up to get the consistency of ice-cream.  I just make it up on the spot really, sometimes the consistency isn't quite right so I add milk or water to make it stick.  But seriously it has the same texture as ice cream and is seriously amazing.

strawberry nice cream // 1 frozen banana and some frozen &
non-frozen strawberries

This month I tried 30 days of yoga challenge by yoga with Adriene on YouTube but only got to day 22 because of work experience I was too busy and tried by the time I got home.  But I have been loving yoga a lot this month, it helps me relax and become a bit more flexible.  It is something I am definitely going to be doing more of.

So, it is the end of June!  It feels like yesterday I was writing my May Favourites, where has the time gone?  I hope you have all had a fantastic June and July is even better.  I will be trying to write a lot more posts over the next couple of weeks and I am thinking of adding something extra to my blog as well before the end of July!

Honestly, it is now starting to feel like summer now and I'm not enjoying sitting in a boiling classroom for 1-2 hours when it is 28C outside!


Saturday, 13 June 2015

New Kitten, Broken Wrist and Universities

On Thursday 11th June, we had planned a visit to go and see a potential new kitten as we have wanted a new kitten to keep Ruby {our older cat} company because she seemed lonely.  Anyway mum found someone selling this really cute half Siamese kitten, who is 4 months old, at her work.  So we thought we would show our interest in it and ask if we could see her.

Thursday, turned out slightly differently than expected...had to make a trip to the hospital!  This was because my brother came back from school with an incredibly swollen arm.  So mum and I dropped my brother and Dad off at the hospital and then we went to visit the kitten.

When we finally got there, the owners were so kind, and the kitten was super cute and friendly.  Like the first time I picked her up she purred and played with my hair and OMG she was so soft.  

Anyway we decided we would like her and the owners let us take her home that day! Mum and I didn't really expect to be taking her home on that same day but we bought the stuff {money and travel cage} just in case. We got home at 8:30pm and when we let her out of her cage and she explored part of the downstairs and some of the upstairs but we kept her away from Ruby so she would have time to settle in first.  However, she was so hyper and would not calm down, I mean it got to 10:30pm and she was still running around like crazy.  

Mum, picked up my brother and Dad from the hospital at 9pm and my brother came home with a broken wrist in a plaster cast! 

As you can tell that evening was particularly busy and strange.  

but look how cute she is sleeping!

Friday, the next day, Izzy came round just before school to pick me up, as usual but also had a little play with our new kitten but I accidentally left a door open and the new kitten got into the kitchen and had a little stare off with Ruby, which was not the way we wanted the cats the be introduced!  I had to try and make sure the new kitten wouldn't go outside as she is only 4 months old and put her back into her area of the house at 8:20am when sixth form starts at 8:40am...

That day we had  the whole day off timetable to about our future, universities, UCAS, apprenticeships etc etc.  It just made me feel like my life was going too quickly and I couldn't believe I was in an assembly and they were legit talking about university applications for serious!  I am still unsure on what I would actually like to do; I have passions in nutrition {weird I know, but I love knowing about different food and being healthy} and media, as well as psychology and philosophy!  So as you can tell there is a real mixture for me to choose from!  But there is still some time left...

had to take a few selfies with my little one!

Anyway, enough of me just rambling on, I really wanted to just tell you about our new kitten, which we still have not got just one name!  The list of names include, Dobbie, Aurora, Olive, Tilly, Qwerty, Michael Clifford, Belle, Hermione, Freda, Spirit, Mitsy and many more...Any suggestions leave them in the comments!  Sorry if this was boring, but at least you got to see some cute photos of a cute 4 month old kitten:)


Monday, 8 June 2015

Q&A with Izzy Knight

I asked one of my friends, Izzy, who also has a blog, to answer 10 questions that I came up with, Izzy is one of my friends who started a blog shortly after me.  She is hilarious, which is shown in her blog, so you should definetly check it out:)

So here are the 10 questions Izzy answered:

1. What was your favourite memory from primary school?

I remember in year 4, tamagotchis were the newest craze. For my birthday I had just got the tamagotchi version 3. Oh yeah baby! I was definitely the coolest kid in class for at least a day until everyone else brought one too.

2. Who was your first celebrity crush?

I cant exactly remember because there's been so, so many (woops) but I'm 90% sure it was Tom Felton. I've just always had a soft spot for Draco Malfoy.

here we have Izzy's first celebrity crush // young Draco

3. If you could see a short 3 minute trailer of the rest of your life, would you watch it and why?

I don't think I would because I think it would change me too much. If I didn't like what I saw, I would be disheartened and just kind of give up with everything. If I did like what I saw, I think I would become too complacent and probably not work hard to get there any more.

4. What made you start blogging and YouTube?

Ever since I watched my first YouTube video I imagined what it would be like to make my own videos. After a few years I plucked up the courage to make my own channel but was still too shy to make proper videos. I heard that many other YouTubers had started off with a blog so I tried that too, not thinking that I would actually enjoy writing it. Man, how wrong was I?

5. If you could travel anywhere, within the world or out of space (e.g. moon or mars etc), where would you go and why?

I would definitely choose somewhere within the world because the thought of being in space and possibly getting lost is terrifying *shudders*. If I could choose, I would go to a country like Norway, Iceland, Alaska or Canada. I love cold countries and it would be amazing to go to a place where I could see the Northern Lights.

6. Who is your biggest ship? 

I think about this quite a lot. One night I was lying in bed and it suddenly hit my that I ship Phan. I mean Dan and Phil have been living together for so long and they would be perfect for each other. Whether it's real or not, Dan and Phil are still my OTP because they're always so happy when they're together.

who doesn't ship phan?!

7. What is the most embarrassing moment of your secondary school years?   

Does my whole secondary school experience count? Seriously though, it would probably have to be all the terrible fashion choices I made on non-uniform days. In year 8 I decided it would be a brilliant idea to wear a floral dress, with a red fleece and green Crocs. Whenever I think of that outfit now I have a literal cringe attack. What was I even thinking?

8. If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Why?

The Victorian era. When I was about 7 I had an obsession with Victorian history and I think it would be so fascinating to see how people lived back then. I even made my parents buy me history books and take me to museums to learn more about history.

9. What made you start watching YouTubers?

My friend sent me a link to Jenna Marbles's video "things to do instead of cleaning your room" and I just remember laughing so hard at it. Then I saw on the recommended videos that Jenna had made loads of videos. That's when I realised it was an actual thing that people do. Like they just sat down in front of a camera and made thousands of people laugh. I soon became obsessed with watching as many YouTubers I could find and I'm yet to grow out of that obsession.

10. Tumblr, Nexflix or YouTube? (I know this is the hardest question of them all, so take your time)

This is a tricky question but I forgive you! Even though I use all three on a daily basis, I'd probably have to go for Tumblr. I mean it's kind of a combination between all three isn't it? Youtubers often share their latest videos on their Tumblr so I could watch them there. And I seem to get to know the whole story line of TV shows as gifs on my dashboard anyway. 

I know, this is slightly different to the rest of my posts, but nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it.  I also answered some questions Izzy asked me on her blog so go check it out because she is amazing:)


Sunday, 7 June 2015

A Levels || Choose wisely

I decided to write another part of the series I started a couple of months ago, 'A Levels' since I am half way through now and I think it may help people understand what A Levels are actually like.  It is also fitting to the day because I go back to sixth form tomorrow *sigh*

This time I am going to write about the subjects you can choose.  This is a major opportunity to get to narrow down to 4 (for my year) but in September it is turning to 3 subjects of your choice.  Do not just choose them because they are 'easy' or because you're friend is doing it too.  Seriously, I have yet to find anyone to say any of their AS subjects were easy and that is why you need to choose what you enjoy.

A way you can go about choosing what subjects to do is looking at university courses if you have a specific idea of what you want to do and see if they have any subjects they require you to do at A Level.   Most of the time they don't but some science degrees such as biochemistry will probably require specific ones.  

The way I did it was choosing the subjects that I found interesting and ones that I was fairly good at according to my GCSE results.  I was torn between biology and home economics as my fourth subject but in the end I chose home economics because it interested me more and I did a lot better in home economics GCSE than in my biology.  I thought that I might need a science to look 'good' but I am so glad I didn't take it because you don't.  Don't feel pressured into doing a subject because you think it'll look good on your CV because any of them will.

Just understand that doing A Levels requires spending a lot of time on each of the subjects you choose to do, so that's why I am saying to choose wisely because you don't want to get 4 months into the year, not being able to swap or drop the subject and dreading each lesson, which will be about a 5th of your timetable.

But I'm not saying that it is the end of the world if you choose the wrong subject because I know many people that swapped to a different subject if they decided to do so within the first half term, but it was up to them to catch up with the work.  My decision for biology or home economics was literally decided on the morning of when I needed to let my sixth form know what I wanted to study, and it was different to the ones that I applied for, so you have a good amount of time to swap and change.

Obviously, just because I've done my AS exams and now I am about to start my A2 part does not mean I know everything about A Levels but I thought this may help some people at some point in time.  Also if I was to go back a year I would probably change some of my options if I had the choice, so I think I would have liked some advice too.

Anyway I hope everyone had a good week, I definitely did.

my emotions of this week summed up :)