Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Vamps Concert 2016

Friday night I went to see The Vamps live at their first show of their tour!  It was my third time seeing them live and they never fail to impress me.  I have always said since I got to see them live, that they are better live than on their albums, I don't really know why that is.

Anyway, the part I was particularly looking forward to was Tristan's drumming solo because it is always bloody fantastic.

Overall the concert was, of course, amazing!  They played songs from their recent album and their first album as well as a medley of different songs like Stressed Out, Perfect etc.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, I would definitely say it is worth it, otherwise I wouldn't have gone so many times!

I hope everyone has had a brilliant week and are enjoying their long weekend!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The 1975 Concert

Last night I got to see The 1975 live!  I have been listening to this band for years and I finally got the chance to go to one of their concerts with one of my mates.  The Barclaycard Arena (I still call it the NIA), was their first arena they've played at - I think they meant as in their own concert because I think they've played at arenas during festivals etc.

Because we got standing tickets, we got there a couple of hours early and had to wait about 4 hours until the first act, The Japanese House, came on but it was so worth it because we were insanely close, we were about 5th row back.  When the support act came on everyone was already pushing and shoving so I thought it was just going to get worse for The 1975, but I was wrong.

By the time The 1975 came on everyone had been pushed about 3 times so you weren't in your original place but we were still so close.

I didn't take many photos for several reasons, one was because how squashed it was you couldn't do much but dance and secondly because it was easier to take videos.

My favourite song of their new album is probably The Sound (atm anyway!) and everyone one went crazy for it, it was amazing!  Their last song was, of course, Sex and it ended on such a high.

Overall I absolutely loved it and couldn't stress how much I would recommend seeing The 1975 live, especially standing; I've been to a lot of concerts and I think this one has to be my favourite.


I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far, I have an extremely busy one a head of me but I'm seeing The Vamps on Friday and Saturday so that should keep me going!


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Little Mix 2016

So Friday night was the first on four concerts I have planned over the forthcoming week, and it is safe to say it started the week of concerts off with a bang!

I have seen Little Mix before on their Saltue Tour in 2014 and we were right at the back of the arena facing the stage and we loved it!  We couldn't see their faces but we were blown away by their performance and singing.  

However, thanks to my Mum for getting me and my friends the tickets, we were so close to the stage!  We were in block two so we were the first block by the stage and it was an insane view!

They sang classic Little Mix songs such as Wings and DNA as well as their new stuff like Black Magic.

You can tell how much passion and effort they put into their music and dancing in their performance they gave, it was just amazing.






I have so much love for these girls and I am so proud to see them selling out arenas for their world tour.  If you have the chance to see them live, I would take that offer up for sure!

My next concert is on Tuesday and I am getting to see THE 1975!!! Yes that's right people, I am seeing The 975 live and I am standing!

Hope you all have had a brilliant week, mine has had so many ups and downs it's crazy. 


Thursday, 10 March 2016


So as of today, 10th March 2016 at 9pm, I have 101 days left until I am free for the summer, and well for a year, and just 77 days left of educations.

In 101 days I will be celebrating the end of my A Level exams, my last being my philosophy implications paper, the one I am dreading the most!  

In 77 days I will be celebrating the end of my education, of course I still have just under a month of revision and examinations but I will not be in school/college/sixth form any more.  I will have no more lessons!

To me, saying and writing that makes me so excited it is unbelievable.  I just want to get out of education for a bit, take a year off (btw I am having a gap year to sort my life out), and be free to do what I want to do with my life.  But, of course, there is a part of me, only a small part though, which is kind of nervous, I mean I am about to experience the world in a way I have never before. 

My experience of education has definitely been varied, I have had so so so many brilliant memories during my school years, made some friends that I will keep forever and have actually made myself proud.  

However, education has had downs too, I never really hated school until I was about 13, I am not going to go into a sob story don't you worry, but I would say primary years were by far the greatest years of my school life.  I even remember my Mum telling me that, when I was about 6, that 'these are the best years of you're life' but I didn't believe her until they passed.

Other than the stress, 24/7 tiredness and the amount of work people expect from you; I have enjoyed it I suppose.  Sixth form, in terms of the learning and education was and is horrible and tough, but I was expecting it, and I have still made brilliant memories.

But can we just take it back to my year 10 maths classes.  This was most definitely my absolute favourite part of my education.  Izzy will know this because she was apart of it but the little work our class actually did is shocking.  Our teacher and our class just did not get along so we went out of our way for the whole year to be difficult, to our maths teachers and supply teachers.  I mean she hated us anyway so she would make our lives living hell once we were in that class, but the memories and storied I have are just brilliant.

One time we had a supply teacher,  I am going to call him Einstein because he looked like him, but Einstein told us the page numbers of the maths textbook we had to complete during class.  However, our class, being the most difficult, we decided to tell him we had already completed the whole of the 500 page maths textbook by spring term, which we had nowhere near finished. With a little bit more convincing, he somehow believed us, so he decided to teach us how to make a pop-up card!  Yes, that's right, a pop-up card!

Overall education has created some brilliant memories, and I will go away from it with them but I so ready to leave.  Education is becoming so demotivating and tiring but I will leave the bad behind and bring along the funny stories.