Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Top 5 || Bands {boy edition}

This is my second post of my 'Top5' series and what's better than to talk about my Top 5 Bands {boy edition}?

Bands and {boybands} are my most played and just picking 5 as my top was extremely hard but I managed it.  I obviously love other bands for example, Fall Out Boy, You Met At Six, Green Day, One Republic, Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys as you can tell I could go on forever but here are my top 5 {not really in any particular order}

1. One Direction

Now loads of people know I love the 1D boys but loads of people give me stick about it and a lot of people I know aren't much of a fan of them, which is fine, or they are 'embarrassed' to like them, which they shouldn't be. Anyway, these boys have came so far from the XFactor to where they are now. Their new album is seriously amazing and if you haven't heard it yet you have been missing out. I can't wait for them to announce the UK tour dates for their On The Road Again Tour.  You can also tell that they have had more input and wrote more songs since the first album, Up All Night.

2. 5 Seconds of Summer

I have been watching these 4 lads since the YouTube days and to see them doing their own headline arena tour across the world is absolutely amazing.  They are so funny and awkward and I couldn't love them anymore.  Their music is different to normal pop as they are more of a pop/punk band and their album and EPs are my go to songs to listen to.  I seriously cannot wait to see them in concert in June.

3. McBusted

Where do I start?  I have loved Mcfly and Busted since I was a little girl dancing to their songs at the school disco.  I remember being at my cousins listening to loads of songs including Obviously by McFly and we all sang along to it.  Some people I know don't like the idea of McBusted but I got to say I do, and I also cannot believe I get to see them next year in March!

4. All Time Low

The pop-punk band All Time Low are seriously amazing; their music is just fantastic and I wish I found them before I did but a lot of my friends don't like this type of music or the band which sucks because I don't have anyone to go to their concert with :( However, ATL are better than words could describe and I will turn one of my friends into liking them :D

5. The Vamps

I have loved The Vamps for about 1 year and a half to two years now and I have watched their youtube videos of them uploading videos of themselves {on their own} before they were formed.  I got the chance to see them in October and it was phenomenal and I am seeing them again in May! Their music always makes me smile and they're just a hilarious group of lads :)

I hope you liked this post, and you have had a good weekend :)


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review || Rimmel London Scandal'Eyes Kohl Eyeliner

So today I am going to be writing a beauty review, my first one on my blog which is strange because I created this blog to review things....

So, first of all I got the normal, Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Kohl Eye Liner after my prom because that was when I first used eye liner on my water line as it was a part of my prom make up look.  My Mum was the one to advised me to get this eye liner as I never used eye liner before!

Rimmel London Scandal'Eyes Kohl Eyeliner Waterproof


I absolutely love the darkness of the black and how easy it was to apply, however after I started to use it daily, I found out that the eye liner would wear off after a while and disappear after about half a day.

After a month it started to really annoy me because I really liked the jet black tone of the eye liner on my water line.  I knew Rimmel did the same eye liner but in a waterproof edition, so I thought if it is waterproof maybe it will stay on my water line for longer, and it did.


I found applying the eye liner really easy, I'm not sure if it is because I am used to things going really close to my eye as I wear contacts daily but the eye liner itself seemed to glide onto my water line really easily.


As you probably could already tell I am in love with the colour, the jet black seems to bring out the blue of my eyes as more people have commented on them since I have worn it, which is never a bad thing.

this is for the waterproof eyeliner


Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Soft  Kohl Liner (Black) - £2.99
Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner (Black) - £3.99
I think these prices make the product even better as they are affordable and last for a long time.


The non-waterproof eye liner doesn't all that long but the waterproof one just about lasts all day long.


Even though the waterproof eye liner is slightly more expensive I would recommend that one more than the other as I have previously said. Both make your eyes stand out and I have had so many compliments about my eye make-up recently and I think it is partially down to the eye liner.

Hope you liked this type of post :)


Saturday, 15 November 2014

Fangirling, Alfie Deyes and Costa

Today I am doing another a 'day with me' blog because yesterday was a significant day for me.

So yesterday was 14th Noveber, which was Children In Need Day so we got to go in non-uniform for my sixth form and secondary school (we don't really have a uniform for sixth form just a smart dress code).  We donated £1.50 and there were a variety of activities and chocolate being sold in the school to help raise money.  I love Children In Need day as it help brings awareness of the children that need our help, so I tend to watch the TV show on BBC1 in the evening, however yesterday it was sightly different.

Back in Septemeber a YouTuber called Alfie Deyes (aka PointlessBlog) published an interactive book and said he was going to do a UK book signing and he was coming to near where I live.  However this never happened after the first book signing in London where 8,5000 people showed up and it was chaos as he couldn't meet all of them and it was really squished.  So he cancelled the rest of the signing dates which I could see why. On Monday he announced on Twitter and Tuesday on YouTube that he was adding two extra dates, and luckily he was coming near me and my friend.

Izzy bought me the tickets for my Christmas present which was extremely kind of her and probably one of my best presents! Anyway we came back from school and quickly dropped off our sixth form stuff at my house and grabbed what we needed to go into town.

We got the next train into Birmingham and Izzy and I could not believe this was actually going to happen!  We were so so excited it was unbelievable. Once we got into Birmingham and found WHSmith and joined the queue and waited about 2 hours but it went by so quickly and the girls behind and in front of us were so sweet. We also talked to some people who had already seen Alfie and got a photo with him, which got us even more excited.

When Izzy and I were close to the front of the main queue before we got into WHSmith, Alfie gave his gave his vlogging camera to a memeber of staff and videoed us in the queue, which was seriously so surreal! (Alfie's Vlog)   Here's some screenshots I took of Izzy and I in the vlog :)

Once we actually got into WHSmith we could hear Alfie but we couldn't see him but then all of a sudden I saw his side profile and Izzy saw his hair! *fangirls* Once we got our books we literally couldn't believe we were going to meet him!

When we got to meet him and sign our books, he did a weird heart in my first book and said "sorry for the weird heart"!  Anyway I won't fangirl anymore and I will show you the selfies Izzy I got:

Izzy :)

After this expereince that we will never forget happened we went for a Costa to calm down!
White Hot Chocolate (they even put on Raspberry Sauce!)

We got the train back, still not fully realising what happened, and got home at 8pm. Anyway I am pretty sure the selfies Izzy and I took together could show the excitement we had last night than what I wrote so here are some photos from the evening.

On the train to Birmingham
Our wrist bands
Waiting outside WHSmith

Our reaction to seeing Alfie {just before we met him}

This is the one with the weird heart :)

It was seriously one to the best days of my life and I need to say a massive thank you to Izzy for buying the tickets for my Christmas present (seriously need to think of an epic present for you) and obviously a thank you to Alfie for coming to Birmingham.

Sorry for the fangirl-essence of this post but I needed to write it up! :)


Saturday, 8 November 2014

Concerts 2014

Okay, it is fair to say this year I have had my fair share of concerts.  Before this year I have only ever been to two concerts, which were JLS (my first ever concert in March 17th 2012) and One Direction (March 23rd 2013).  This year I have been to a total of 6! That is why I did not do a separate post for each!

It started in January where I got to go and see Union J.  They had several support acts and I can say I still listen to two of them; Eylar Fox who you may of heard by now (my favourite song of his is probably Colourblind) and Room 94 who are a band (my favourite song of theirs is When I Was A Teenager).  Union J themseleves did a fantastic performance, the lighting and staging was amazing.  Of course the music and their voices were incredible and I was glad to kick off my year of concerts with them.

 In March I got to see the XFactor Tour, which was amazing.  I got to admit that they let the suspension of Sam Bailey coming on last go extremely high, so much so that rumours were going around the arena that Sam wasn't actually performing that night!  But of course she did and wowed the audience with her voice.  I remember Luke Friend sticking out for me the most I think, as well as Nicky-Blue-Eyes!

Luke Friend

LITTLE MIX! Okay, the evening of my history GCSE exam I got to spend it at a Little Mix concert which was phenomenal! I have been supporting these girls since Rhythmix and I remember calling in to vote for them on XFactor so I can't believe I actually got to see them in concert!  These girls did a breath taking concert and I am not just saying that.  They seriously did one of the best concerts I have been too.  The atmosphere was incredible as well.

Within a couple of weeks, 7th June, I got the chance to see my boys, One Direction, in concert again at Wembely Stadium!  That day was seriously one of the best days of my life.  5 Seconds of Summer were supporting them again, which I was so hyped about but unfortunately due to the sheer load of traffic we missed them by like 2 minutes but One Direction were the ones I paid to see so I wasn't too upset.  I have got to say if you didn't get to go you may need to buy yourself the concert DVD, a box of tissues and find a room where you can fangirl because it was absolutely amazing.  The atmosphere of about 80,000 people who came to see a band you love is just breath taking, I walked into the seating area and it nearly made me cry to see that so many people are supporting these 5 boys.  Their performances were just beautiful and it will be a day and night I will never ever forget.

 These next couple of photos are obviously NOT mine, but I found some HQ photos of the boys on the date I went

I had to wait till October 5th for my next concert but it was worth it.  I got to see the amazing boys, The Vamps.  I can honestly tell you right now that these boys sounded better live than on album it was amazing.  Again, if you didn't get to see them live you should get the DVD because they were absolutely brilliant! (can you tell I am running out of positive adjectives!).  The Vamps are such lovely lads and the performances they did left you amazed, the lighting was spot on as well.

Literally two weeks later on the 19th October I got to see The Ed Sheeran! Yes that is right! I saw Ed Sheeran and I could not believe it.  The atmosphere was something I want to treasure for the rest of my life.  He sung stunningly as he usually does. Some of my friends said that they thought he would be 'boring' probably because they thought he would just stand there and sing and play his guitar but he got the crowd involved, moved around, used different guitars, sung without his guitar and was just wow! To make it even better I bought myself an amazing camera , which has amazing zoom with still high quality images so I got amazing photos as well, that is why all of a sudden the photo quality gets better.

Overall I think you can tell I had a great year in terms of concerts, if you get a chance to see any of these bands/singers in concert I would fully recommend to go.  I have already got tickets to see four concerts next year! Bethan Leadley (aka musicalbethan), McBusted, The Vamps & Union J (in one concert) and 5 Seconds of Summer, so another good year for concerts:)


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Disney, Fireworks & Rollercoasters

This half term,my family and I went to Disneyland Paris! It was the best 4 days I have had for a long time. We woke up at 4am on Sunday 26th October to get to the resort at 3pm so we could have half a day in the park.  The journey down was good, we got the early ferry and I made my family listen to my 'Now That's What I Call Disney' CD on repeat!  At Disneyland itself, we had an amazing time going on rides, watching parades and fireworks and the restaurants were good as well.  I recognised some of the Disneyland park from when I went when I was 6 years old.  It was one of the best holidays I have ever had, it was so magical and amazing and I just want to live there! Here are some photos I took when I was there as they will probably tell you a lot more than what I could type;

Hope you enjoyed looking at a few of the hundreds of photos I took:)