Saturday, 30 May 2015

May Favourites

So, it is coming to the end of May, which is crazy because it feels like yesterday when I was writing my April Favourites and stressing that my exams are starting in less than 2 weeks and now they are over.  This month I have been loving a variety of different items and products so lets get cracking:)


Black Magic // Little Mix
Who else has been waiting for a new Little Mix song?  Who else was not disappointed when they released the audio version of Black Magic last week? This is seriously amazing, it is so catchy and I have not gotten sick of it yet, in fact I don't think I will!  When they uploaded the audio version onto YouTube last week I was playing it none-stop and now they released the music video for it and it is seriously amazing.  I have loved these four girls since XFactor and to see them become more and more popular is just amazing.

The Vamps Live
A friend and I got to see The Vamps in concert again on May 9th and they didn't disappoint one bit.  I flippin' love The Vamps and when I saw them live in October last year I was sure that I had to see them again because they are even better live, in my opinion anyway.  I saw them on their last show so their supports acts pranked them on stage and they got their Dad's up to play drums and guitars.  I think they should really come out with a live album!

this was one of the pranks // The Tide came on stage dressed as ballerina hippos,
The Vamps had no idea what was happening!

Love Me Like You Do // Gabby & Hobbie
I have absolutely no idea why this was not in my April favourites but I have also been loving this cover of Ellie Goulding's song which also incorporates Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud this month as well.  I have been obsessed with it since they uploaded onto YouTube.  I love Hobbie's voice and Gabby's voice is just amazing and their voices complement each other amazingly! I have been waiting for her to upload an actual cover for ages, but it was definitely worth it!


Pitch Perfect 2
When Pitch Perfect came out a couple of years ago I loved it! This time round, I loved it! Pitch Perfect 2 could have gone either way for me, and it went brilliantly in my opinion.  The humour was hilarious and the songs they sung were amazing and the story line throughout the movie was the best bit (since that is the point of a movie...).  Definitely worth a watch!

Into The Woods
I finally got to watch Into The Woods, and I was not disappointed one bit.  I wanted to see it in the cinema but due to exams, revision and lack of time I never really got round to it so when it came out on DVD earlier this month I just had to get it.  If you are a musical lover as well as a lover for fairy-tales such as Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood, you will love this movie.  It links the different fairy-tales into one magical story.  


Once Upon A Time (OUAT)
OH MY GOSH! Why did I not watch this before? Well, good job I didn't because it would have got in the way of revision for my exams.  I have been eyeing this series on Netflix for a long time now and I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not but I gave it ago and I have finished 2 seasons in just one week! All I can say I am glad I have nothing important to be doing! Like Into The Woods it links loads of fairy-tales into one story but also into the modern world of today.  It is exciting, thrilling and magical so give it a shot if you already haven't.


If I Stay // Gayle Forman
I have had this book waiting to be read for over 6 months now but due to lack of time I never started it because I wanted to give it my full attention.  I wanted to read it from watching the trailer of the movie that came out last year but before watching the actual movie.  I started this book a couple of days ago and I only have less than 50 pages left and that is saying something.  I am quite a slow reader, but even though this book is fairly short it shows how good it is.  It is definitely a page turner, whenever I put the book down I always want to pick it back up and in some cases I do.  It is about a girl, Mia, and her life from the past but linking with the major tragic event the book is based upon.


Lucy Flight
I don't usually put my favourite YouTubers in my monthly favourites but I decided it is about time because they are a big part of my life as are the rest of my favourites.  Lucy is one I have recently found on YouTube whilst procrastinating revising for my AS exams.  I don't know what it is about her but I love her, I have binge watched many of her videos.  She mainly focuses on beauty but also does fashion and vlogs.

I have been subscribed to Lucy and Lydia for a while now and I have loved them for ages but this month I have been watching more of their videos than I usually do.  Sometimes I find myself scrolling through their videos and clicking on random ones to watch.  They are so bubbly and make me feeling so happy so I think that is why I love them so much:)

I hope everyone had a great May, I know a lot of people have had exams but I hope they went well and the rest of the month was fun!  Seriously cannot believe summer is nearly here!

*me now my exams are finally over*


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Last AS Level, Costa and Pizza


I just finished my AS level exams yesterday morning, my last one was Home Economics.
Most people would say I'm lucky to have them all over and done with in one week and a half, but seriously doing 8 exams in 8 days is hell! Last week was horrible and to come home from an exam knowing you won't be able have a rest but have to revise straight away was the worse.  Obviously, now I am glad to have them over and done with, but it isn't all great!!

Anyway as my Home Economics unit 2 exam was a morning exam I came home and mum and I walked to our local Costa for lunch.  I had a mocha, because I haven't had one in ages!  

I didn't get a photo of the food because we were so hungry we just ate it! But we shared a cheese and mushroom toastie and a seeded goat cheese, spinach and beetroot pinini.  Both were amazing:)

We went to Sainsbury's next to the Costa and we got Into The Woods on DVD.  I wanted to watch the movie when it was in the cinema but due to exams and revision that never happened.

watched it today and was amazing!

Once we got home I started to watch a new TV show on Netflix, Once Upon A Time, and I have been wanting to watch it for ages (once again revision and exams have gotten in the way!) and I am already hooked! Opps..

In the evening we went out for tea, to celebrate; we went to Pizza Express because who doesn't like Pizza Express?

starters // dough balls
mains // spinach, onion and 2 cheese pizza
(didn't realise I ordered the large one haha:D )
by the way that's not my beer haha!

desert: honeycomb cream slice // was amazing!

Afterwards I treated myself to a lush bath, I used the butterball bath bomb and some of the comforter bubble bar.  Baths are one of the few things that properly relax me, so it was nice to actually relax for once!

butterball lush bomb

my bath was soo pink and smelt amazing!

Hope you are all having a great week, I wish anyone doing any exams good luck, you can do it!
I will be posting more now since my exams are over:)

My exact emotion after my last exam yesterday:)


Friday, 15 May 2015

Carrie Hope Fletcher Appriciation Post

Right, if you read my 'My YouTuber Inspiration' post you will know that Carrie was apart of it, so this may not be much of a surprise that I am writing a post solely on her.

That smile is just contagious 

I've been watching Carrie for a year and a half plus now and I wish I found out about her YouTube Channel before because in my younger teenage years, I probably could have done with some of her advice and cheeriness.  If I ever need cheering up or motivated or for inspiration I will be on her channel binge watching her videos with a cuppa tea.


Because she always has a positive outlook on life.  Obviously, I am not that naive and that I know this is only what we see through a camera and she will also have many days where negativity plays a major role, but she creates these videos to make people smile, make them feel better about themselves and entertain people, and that is exactly what she does.

Carrie doesn't care what people think about her because at the end of the day it is only her she needs to please, and I love that aspect of her and that is what I am and many others are aiming to do.

I have seen her in Les Mis, I went in August 2014 with my Mum and Nan but I never actually went to the backstage door to say "Hi" or anything and I do regret it but just watching her in Les Mis was enough, watching her do what she truly loves and hearing her voice in person singing is just wow! It is absolutely amazing.

I am going to link, just a few, of my favourite videos of hers that always cheer me up and that I end up watching over and over again.

My first video of hers I watched was because I was subscribed to Tom and they started Dear Tom/Carrie (now also Gi).  It was her second Dear Tom video and I have always remembered this because it made me laugh a little and I thought she was just adorable.

Carrie has recently, on the 23rd April, released her book "All I Know Now" and I seriously cannot wait to read it after my AS Level exams.  It got to number 1 as the best seller in The Sunday Times. She puts so much time and effect into every aspect of her life; her acting, her singing, her writing, making videos and numerous other things.

For me, she is definitely seen as a big sister I never had and an amazing role model to look up to for advice and positivity.


Saturday, 2 May 2015

April Favourites

Most of  my favourite posts are very long but this month is not so since I have exams starting on the 11th all I have basically been doing is revision so that's why I haven't got that many favourites.  Anyway lets get going:


ATL - Future Hearts
Okay, you all know how I love All Time Low and you all know how excited I was to hear their new album. AND OMG!! If you have not heard this album yet do yourself a favour, go to HMV or itunes and buy the album.  It is seriously amazing.  It hit #1 in the UK and US and I couldn't be more proud.  My favourites from the album are Bail me Out, Old Scares/Future Hearts and Missing You.

Shawn Mandes - handwritten
Okay I know Shawn is a completely different type/style of music but my music range goes from punk rocky type music to high school musical in a second.  Anyway his album came out in April as well and it is perfect if you want to relax and just have softer music playing.  My favourites are Stitches, A Little Too Much, Imagination and Bring It Back.

Lower Than Atlantis
I mentioned this band in my previous favourites, more specifically I said "Words Don't Come So Easily" but I've just been loving the band in general this month but my all time favourite from them is Emily and then I also love Live Slow, Die Old and of course Words Don't Come So Easily.


Running and Walking
So, this month I have been trying to be a bit more active and healthy.  Trying to be active at the moment is hard because of my exams and needing to revise but I have gone on several runs and a few walks and I have loved them! (That's a sentence I never thought I would have said or typed...)  I was never really into running or a sporty kid but I have gone on a few runs with one of my friends and on my own, it makes me feel amazing and slightly less stressed once I had gotten some fresh air.  The furthest I've ran is 10km which I did on Sunday with a friend and I actually really enjoyed it.

one time we ran through an extremely muddy field and ended up
covered in mud 

Dark Chocolate
Yes, I know I literally just said I have been trying to eat more healthily this month but this month was also Easter and who could say no to Easter? So instead of milk chocolate I asked for dark chocolate not only because it is better for you, I genuinely love dark chocolate.  I had a giant Swiss dark chocolate bunny and a Belgian dark chocolate Easter egg from my family and I loved them. {unfortunately I ate them before I took a photo}

As you may know from ready my Easter post that every year my family and I go away to Cornwall or Devon at Easter and this year we went to Cornwall and I love it there. It was sunny, warm and we had amazing whether.  The views and scenery there is amazing and I love going on beach or cliff walks.

I hope your April was amazing, mine wasn't too bad if you exclude Sixth Form, the stress, the revision, the added stress and the fact my exams start in 9 days:)