Saturday, 10 December 2016

Blogmas Day 10 || Christmas Tree Shopping and Decorating

So.  I kinda didn't get anything up on Thursday or yesterday.  My explanations?  I legit didn't have any spare time to write anything I was either happy with or anything at all.  But I'm posting now and that's what matters.


On Thursday myself and my Mum went to go Christmas Tree shopping, my favourite part of Christmas.  It was so nice because there wasn't many people there at the time we went, probably because it was a weekday and everyone would have been in work and school.  

It being so quiet, allowed us to take advantage.  We found two amazing trees, which we both loved so we decided on the taller one.  However when we got to the measuring place and found out how much it costed we had to put it back!  It was over 8ft!!  We, of course decided to go back and get the smaller tree instead.

Oh no.  By the time we got back an older couple pick it up and took it away from us!  

So we went back to where we were measuring our first Christmas tree and we found a good alternative.  It's layers are amazing and the height was 7ft so was perfectly fine - look at me trying to be an expert at Christmas tree buying!

I don't know about you, but if you've ever gone Christmas tree shopping at a farm/wood and you find the perfect Christmas tree but you can't have it or someone takes it before you, you just kinda get frustrated!? Haha just me? Okay.


So we decorated the tree today, as we didn't get time on Thursday and I was at work yesterday all day, and then I met a friend straight from work.  I absolutely love decorating the Christmas tree and the house in general, it just makes everything more festive and feel like Christmas is really approaching.


So now I missed two days I feel like I kinda cheated at Blogmas!?  I definitely didn't succeed, but I knew it was going to be a lot harder this year being in work so much and then having so many plans in the evening all the time.

I don't know whether I will be doing a post every single day now, I think it will just have to be whenever I can, which will be most days, just maybe not every single day.

I hope you are all enjoying December so far!


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Blogmas Day 7 || Top Three Christmas Moments I Cannot Wait For

Today I thought it would be nice to share with you just three of my favourite moments of the Christmas season.  Hope you enjoy it!

1.  Christmas Tree Shopping

This is my favourite thing to do at Christmas.  I just feel this is when I start to feel really festive.  Myself and my Mum our going to the Christmas Tree Farm tomorrow afternoon and I cannot wait!

2.  Christmas Eve pub lunch

Chritsmas Eve is my favourite day, I actually prefer it to the actual big day itself!  I think it is the anticipation and the fact that my family and I go to the pub for lunch and then go for a small walk around the lakes.  I just love it and it is just something we do every single year on Christmas Eve.

3.  German Christmas Market

In our city centre we  have a massive German Market with a Ferris Wheel, outdoor ice rink, a carousel and of course market stalls.  It tends to be very crowded but if you go when most people are at work or school it is actually really nice and festive.


What's your favourite moments at Christmas time?


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Blogmas Day 6 || Vlogmas 2016

I always watch a lot of Vlogmases every year, it is always something I look forward to so I thought I would share with you the people I am watchign this year.  I always always watch Tanya, Zoe, Tom and Gi but every year I watch a couple of different people as well.

I have been watching Tanya do Vlogmas since 2013!  I love how enthusiastic she is and she always creates good quality footage and brings a smile to my day.  She also definitely brings the Christmas spirit with her as well!  I highly recommend watching her Vlogmas if you're not feeling Christmassy yet.

Again I have been watching Zoella's Vlogmas since 2013 which is crazy to think.  Zoe always makes me feel that bit more Christmassy.  Tanya and Zoe always do a nice long Vlogmas video which is nice to sit down to with a cuppa after a long day at work.

Tom's Vlogmas is always fun and filled with adventures.  His vlogs are always slightly different to a 'normal' YouTuber because he is also in a band (obvs) and is an author so you also get to see what that part of his job entitles at this time of year.

Gi's vlogs are always hilarious and fun to watch at Christmas.  It is well known that Tom and Gi are the Christmas power couple when it comes to YouTube lets face the facts!  They always do Christmas big and their love for it comes across in their videos.  Tom and Gi's videos are also nice and short which I love because I don't always have the time to watch 30 minute videos of every YouTuber so having a 5 or 6 minute video to get me in the Christmas spirit and see what they get up to is just perfect.

This is her first year doing Vlogmas and can I say she is doing brilliant!  I love the length of her videos and how creative she is with them.  

I always love a good Estee vlog but an Estee vlog at Christmas for Vlogmas, I cannot refuse!  Estee is so relaxed and chilled in her videos it makes me feel relaxed!

Carly's vlogs are my favourite of her videos so how can I not watch her vlogmas?!  Her videos are amazing, she keeps them upbeat, down to earth, Christmassy and funny.  

I love this girl!  Becky is absolutely hilarious and I love her vlogs so much and when I found out she was doing Vlogmas I couldn't wait to watch her everyday until Christmas.  I definitely recommend giving her a watch if you want to have a laugh.

I have so many Vlogmas vlogs that I need to catch up on, so I think I know I am doing on my day off work this week!

Who are you watching this year for Vlogmas?


Monday, 5 December 2016

Blogmas Day 5 || Christmas Playlist 2016

For each Christmases I have had this blog I have always posted my Christmas playlist and 2016 isn't going to be any different.  I love music and I love Christmas so what's better than sharing you with some of my favourite Christmas songs - new, old, traditional and not-so-traditional.

I love a good Christmas song sesh whilst decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping Christmas presents!  Hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you tomorrow for day 6 of Blogmas!


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4 || Gift Guide for £5 and Under

Like I promised today's post is a lot more Christmassy than yesterday's.  Today I am going to share with you some ideas for presents under £5.  Whether these presents are for stocking fillers or just a little something for someone, you will find something here for the person.

Alcohol flavoured sweets

When I was in John Lewis I saw that they sold alcohol flavoured sweets.  There was prosecco, mojito and gin and tonic flavoured bon bons and I thought that was such a good idea for a present for a friend.

Hair Chalk
For those people who love to be creative, have fun and change their hair colour.  You can find loads of colours but in New Look they do pink and purple hair chalk.  It is just easier than dyeing your hair and is less permanent and I think it seems more fun.


Everyone loves a nice new notebook to write in, make lists and have around.  

Roll on Fragrance
This is just something that is easy to travel with, put in your handbag and is just so much more convenient than lugging some perfume bottle or body spray around with you.

Who doesn't love a good mug am I right?  Well if you ask me, I would be well chuffed to receive a mug, I have a good load of them in the kitchen.  You can still get some really funny, cute or 'classy' mugs for £5.

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for stocking fillers or a little something for someone at Christmas.

I cannot believe that this time in three weeks it is the big day that we are all counting down to!  Three weeks!


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3 || Autumn Photography

So today for my third Blogmas post I decided to share with you some of my autumn photos I have taken from mid September up to the end of November.

I know it isn't Christmassy but I love doing these posts because it allows me to look back at the past couple of months through the photos I have taken.  I hope you enjoy it and I promise you a much more Christmassy post tomorrow!