Sunday, 30 August 2015

August Favourites

I cannot believeI am writing my August Favoruite post already!  The end of August is bitter sweet for me as it is getting closer to Autumn (and I love Autumn) but it also means that sixth form is just around the corner, which I am dreading.  Anyway, here are my favourites of this month...


My previous post was my top 5 songs at the moment, so I will do a link here as they will be included in my August favourites but I am sure you guys don't want to read it twice, so if you haven't read it heres the link:  Top 5 || Songs Right Now

Jet Black Heart // 5SOS 

This song of theirs is just breath taking.  Michael's solo at the start is just amazing and the song just grabs you within the first couple of beats.  I have also been loving their EP for She's Kinda Hot, my favourite is Lost in Reality!


God I love this girl.  Her music sound is different from a lot of music I have heard and listen to.  She has only recently let out her debut album BADLANDS and it is so worth a listen.  She had previously released EP's which includes, probably the most known, Ghost.  My favourite of hers at the moment is New American and Strange Love.


Paper Towns

I read the book Paper Towns by John Green last summer before I knew it would become a movie.  This summer I went to watch it in the cinema with a few friends.  Cara Delevingne portrayed Margo in an amazing way, her American accent wasn't the obvious English trying to do an American accent.  Nat did an amazing job at playing the part of Q and the whole cast did brilliant also.  The movie stuck closely to what the book told us, with a few exceptions.  Overall it is worth a watch, but read the book first.

Harry Potter 

This last weekend, Izzy and I did a Harry Potter movie marathon and it was seriously amazing!  I did one last year, but I hadn't actually watched any of the movies since.  The marathon made me realise, again, how much I love them and made me want to start from the beginning again!


Pretty Little Liars

So I have started watching all the Pretty Little Liars episodes from season one again and I am now on season 2, nearly on season 3!  I decided to see what it is like watching from the beginning knowing who A is and having watched it before.  Let's just say it is still just as addictive as the first time round...



I love Japan!  It is seriously a country everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.  I have always wanted to go and this summer I got the chance to go and it did not let me down one bit.  The culture, the people and the food are just amazing.  Japan is completely different to England; the people are a lot more polite and friendly, the climate is out of this world hot and humid in late July and early August, the food is something you wouldn't really find in England at all and the culture is so interesting!


This links in with the Japan favourite.  Since coming back from Japan I realised I love, and when I mean love I mean more than love, travelling.  I have always been the weird kid that loves car journeys and travelling to places even though I do get travel sickness!  But this month I have definitely had an urge to go anywhere and everywhere, even in the local areas!  I have been on evening walks, bike rides and runs just to see different areas of the local area I haven't seen before!


Izzy Knight

So one of my best friends created a youtube channel nearly 2 years ago now, and to be honest she is always my fave! But her Germany Vlogs she uploaded this month has been amazing.  We have always talked about vlogging things we want to remember but we always always chicken out of it.  But I was so proud that she vlogged in Germany and when I was watching her vlogs and I loved them! You should deffo check her channel out.

So I hope everybody enjoys the last little bit of the holidays left, if you have them.   I only have one week left until my last year of sixth form starts.  Hope you also liked this favourites post, bet you September goes just as fast!


Monday, 24 August 2015

Top 5 || Songs Right Now

My music range goes from musicals such as the sound of music and chitty chitty bang bang to Fall Out Boy and You Me At Six in a matter of seconds so these 5 songs may vary...

I'm going to share with you my favourite 5 songs that I seem to always play as I love love love music and I think I need to incorporate it into this blog a little bit more.  So without further ado lets get started.

1.  She's Kinda Hot // 5 Seconds of Summer

As you probably know by now I am most definitely a 5SOS fan to say the least!  And this song is just amazing, I absolutely love it.  It gets me moving, it gets me singing along and it puts a smile on my face whenever I hear it.  That, for me, is what a good song should do.  Ashton's solo is just awesome and we don't usually get to here from Ash much as he is the drummer.  All in all it is a pretty decent song haha :)

What??? Of course I will put two 5SOS songs into my top 5, I did tell you I am a 5SOS fan! There new song they dropped literally sums me up.  It is about travelling the world and wanting to go everywhere and different places as that's what they do as apart of touring.  And that is exactly what I want to do in life; travel the world.  Therefore, I connect with this song a great amount and that is why I love so damn much!

3. Shut Up and Dance // Walk to the Moon

I don't tend to listen to much chart music, and if I do that is because my favourite band and/or artist is in it.  Basically I don't just listen to music because it's popular, I listen to music because I like it.  But this song grabbed me, the beat, the catchiness and the lyrics all at once pulled me in and I fell in love with yet another song!

I listened to this whilst landing in Frankfurt after a 12 hour flight from Japan on the plane's TV screen which had different albums on.  I decided to give the Plain White T's a shot as I have heard several songs of there ages ago and liked them and they had a new album out.  American Nights was the first song and I loved it! It is seriously amazing.

5. Drag Me Down // One Direction

So this is it.  The first song without Zayn as a member of the band.  And boy did they not disappoint!  I love the 1D boys and this song was dropped out of the blue whilst I was travelling in Japan.  I had to listen to it on some bad hotel wifi but it still sounded amazing.  It is just so catchy and it just makes me smile and want to dance.

Hope you are all enjoying summer!  Have a great week :)


Friday, 21 August 2015

Tag # || 8 Photos of Happiness Tag

I was nominated by Izzy Knight to do the 8 photos of happiness tag.  This is one of my favourite tags as I love photos but it will probably be the hardest because I love taking photos and I have many that make me happy!  It was actually created by a girl named Ariel so go check her blog out!

Let's get cracking then...

The Rules

1.  Thank the nominator/s and link them in the post

2. Link the creator, Ariel //

3. Post 8 photos of happiness (the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.)

4. Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it, or let the photos do the talking!

5. Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers

DisneyLand Paris 2014.  Who doesn't love Disney?  This photo I took in October 2014 when we visited (for the second time) and it brings a lot of happiness.  I love Disney and when I went last year it was one of my best holidays I have had! My family and I got along all the time (I mean we had a few arguments about rides etc but we soon stopped as it was funny and ironic how someone was grumpy in Disneyland!).  I met Mickey Mouse, went one my favourite ride when I last went before when I was 6 and I got to go on rides I didn't get to go on last time.

Japan 2015.  This is one of my favourite photos I took of a view in Japan.  I went to Japan with my Grandma for 3 weeks this summer and I had the best time of my life ever!  It really made to think and understand more.  I have always loved travelling but going beyond Europe for the first time and getting to go to my most wanted country to visit (since I was 11) made me realise, maybe I should do something with travelling as part of my job.  Not only that, seeing some of my relatives there I don't get to see often topped it off!!  Looking at this photo brings back so many memories of the holiday and so gives me loads of happiness.

This is a photo of Wembley Stadium on 7th June 2014.  The day I saw 1D with two of my closest friends of that time in London!  It was one of my best days of my life, the atmosphere was amazing and I forgot about everything other than the present moment.  

Well, what do we have here hey?  It's myself with the one and only Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog!  This was taken November 2014 when Izzy and I got to meet him at his book signing.  That night was meant to be a not so great night for me but when I found out Izzy bought me these tickets it just turned into one of my favourite nights.

Not only does this photo makes me smile, it also brings back memories from that holiday and many others.  Even though I took this photo this year in April and I was studying for my exams in May, it gives me happy memoires of being on holiday with my family from that holiday and all the other years we've been doing it.  The beach is one of my favourites as it isn't sworming with tourists and the sunset set just tops it off.

CHRISTMAS! I bloodly love Christmas and this is why I have a photo of a Christmas Tree as part of my 8 photos of happiness.  It reminds me of family, fireplaces, candles, love, music, winter and all the things I love into one time of the year.

So this was the day Izzy and I met Lady Gaga....nah, only joking.  Izzy and I went down to London with her sister (Vicky) and her sister's friend (Hannah) and Izzy's mum to go to Madame Tussuades! And here is Izzy and I posing next to the wax figure of Lady Gaga using our hands to a phone! Oh lord...!  That day was an amazing day and it was over 2 years ago now, which is so weird to think about!

February 2014.  For my 16th Birthday Mum and Dad took me and my brother down to Harry Potter Studios and it was just amazing! Not only did I get to see the behind the scenes stuff and ride a broomstick, I also got to drink butter beer! 

So those were my 8 photos of happiness and here are the people I tag for them to do next:

Peace -

Thanks again for the nomination Izzy, love going through my photos but picking just 8 was hard!  Hope you enjoyed it :)


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lifestyle || Healthy Breakfasts

So I think I decided, with the help of some of you guys, to not create a new blog for my healthy eating and exercise posts because then it would just be easier for you all to read it rather than having a separate blog for it, making it all confusing. 

So I am going to start off this section of my blog with breakfast. Why? Because not only is the most improtant meal of the day because you have just been fasting whilst sleeping, it is also my favourite meal of the day!  I have many delicious yet healthy recipes/ideas that I eat throughout the week to start my day, so lets get cracking...

Healthy Pancakes
This is my favourite one!  I tend to have this on a Saturday morning because I tend to do a lot of exercise on a Saturday and these pancakes will fuel it.  Sometimes I go for a run then eat the pancakes or eat the pancakes before any exercise.  These pancakes only have 3 ingredients in; 1 banana, 2 eggs and 30g of oats.  That will make around 3-4 fairly large American style pancakes.  (I now use half of that as they are filling!) I am pretty sure you may have seen these recipes floating around the internet, but if you haven't tried them yet, do yourself a favour and make them!  Sometimes I add cinnamon or almond flakes into the mixture to give it something extra but change and adapt the recipe to your preference.

here I topped the pancakes off with a few frozen raspberries :)

Weetabix/Spelt Flakes with Banana
This is my 'go-to breakfast'.  If there is nothing in the house or I am feeling lazy or don't have much time to prepare or cook breakfast I have either a weetabix or some spelt flakes with chopped banana and some skimmed milk as it will fuel me for a fair amount of the day.

Spelt Flakes by Rude Health with chopped banana and
skimmed milk

Weetabix with apple (big change up from the usual
there Georgie!)

Nice Cream
OMG this is seriously amazing!  I have no idea why I haven't seen this recipe around before because not only does it have the same texture and consistency of an ice-cream but it tastes delicious and is quick to make.  All you need is a frozen banana and some fruit.  You could use nutella or coffee instead if you wanted.  I tend to go for raspberries, strawberries or mixed forest fruits.  This can also be used for a snack or a desert.  All you need to do is whiz it up in a food processor. If you added frozen fruits rather than fresh fruit to the frozen banana you may need to add some milk or water to get the fruit to bind together .

Strawberry banana ice cream topped with almond flakes 

 I have some other ideas for breakfast but these are my top 3 at the moment and if you want more or an autumn/winter version then I will probably be able to do one.  I hope this hasn't been too boring for you haha :)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting the most out of it! I will start posting more regularly now I am back from Japan and have settled back into my usual life at home.


p.s Izzy I will get round to doing the post you tag me in, sorry for the delay :) 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

July Favourites

So, I haven't posted in over 3 weeks and it's nearly mid August and I'm only just posting my July Favourites?? Well, I have been on holiday and only came back on the evening of the 10th.  I went to Japan (OMG!!!!) with my Grandma for 3 weeks and I didn't have any time to write or post any blogs.  So I have only just got round to finalising and posting it now...


She's Kinda Hot // 5SOS
If you have read my blog before hand, then you will know that I love 5SOS. And if you haven't heard or know that they released their new single at the end of July, then where the hell have you been?  I have got to say IT IS AMAZING! I have had it playing on repeat for the rest of July and till now really! Ashton's solo is just brilliant.

Les Mis
I love musicals and Les Miserables is one of the top ones and every now and then I get a craving of wanting to listen to the songs and it just so happens that July was that 'now and then' month.  My favourite songs has been At the End of the Day and Lovely Ladies.  Seriously love the songs from Les Mis.

 1985 // Bowling For Soup 
Now, I have listened to some of Bowling for Soup's songs since I about 10 (7 years ago) and now I started listening to them again and 1985 has been one that has stuck in my head for days and I have found myself listening to over and over again! Definitely give it a listen, it's very catchy.


America Horror Story
OMG!! I have finished the first three seasons and they were amazing.  The first season was my favourite by far.  Tate and Violet's relationship is just adorable (if that's the correct word...).  I just want Netflix to put season 4 on now and season 5 will be out soon which I cannot wait for!

Pretty Little Liars
WOW! I've now seen the summer finale and know who A is! But because this is my July Favourites I have to exclude the last couple of episodes.  PLL has always been one of my favourite shows since I started watching it in 2013 but it has seriously just gotten better! 


Cycling is one of my favourite sports, no it is my favourite sport.  I have started cycling again, this time with one of my friends who also loves it.  We went out on a bike ride twice in July and one time we made a day out of it and had a cute picnic by the side of a canal.

Iced Latte
In the warmer months in England, I don't tend to drink loads of hot drinks but I still love my coffee.  So I tried making my own iced coffee by making an espresso coffee shot with boiling water and adding cold water and milk and finally adding some ice too cool it down even more.  Was definitely my favourite drink of July.

Sorry, it's been quite a short favourites, I didn't really wear make-up in July all that much so I didn't really have a favourite and I wasn't all that adventurous with my fashion either...

Anyway, I'm going distract myself by watching some Netflix for the rest of the night as I have my AS Level results tomorrow morning and I'm not feeling all that confident!