Sunday, 29 March 2015


So last night myself and two other friends went to the McBusted concert and it is fair to say it blew me away.  The stage was awesome as it was set out as a giant working arcade game.  I have never seen McBusted, McFly or Busted live before and I have been wanting to go for so long, so last night was extra special.

McBusted mean a lot to me. Why? Well back when they were seperate bands as Busted and McFly and I was a young child I would listen to them a lot, even my Grandma remembers them!  Anyway our school and birthday discos would consist of both of the bands songs such as Year 3000,  Crashed the Wedding, Obviously and Star Girl.  And to get the chance to see them (minus a Busted member, Charlie) performing live was weird but seriously amazing and I will treasure the memeory of that night forever.  It was so weird when they all came on stage from under the stage and to see the bands I grew up with play together as one superband, not gonna lie, I did have a few tears in my eyes!!

They started off with Air Guitar, the first McBusted single.  The energy and atmosphere in the arena was immense and insane.  Everyone was singing alone, jumping up and down and screaming.  And then it hit me how I was actually watching McBusted live on stage!

I liked how they sung some of their classics from Busted and McFly along with their new songs from the album which I am still obsessed with! Obviously they had to play Year 3000, Thunderbirds Are Go, What I go to School For, Crashed the Wedding, Star Girl, Five Colours in Her Hair, Obviously and All About You.  But of course I loved the other songs as well but it was just weird hearing them singing the songs of my childhood!

Even though I knew what was coming, I got to say Crashed the Wedding was one of my favourites from last night.  Harry was dressed as a shirtless vicar, Dougie was dressed as the bride, Matt as the groom, Tom was the flower girl and James and Danny were in little bridesmaid dresses.  They all walked through the crowd onto the stage.  It was just hilarious and creative:)

Matt and Dougie...I mean the groom and bride!:)

the flower girl (tom) and the bridesmaids (danny and james)

I have loved every concert I have been to, but McBusted was just something different; they played on the giant arcade game which was actually the stage, a wedding happened, we recorded a part of Ant and Dec's Saturday Takeaway which was pretty cool and there was a flying car.

All in all, I absolutely loved the concert and cannot recommend it enough.  Here are some more photos I took there;

So the start of my Easter Holidays (more like study leave but oh well) started off amazing, I hope everyone else are having a good Easter holiday or had a great weekend:)


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Life Update || Mocks, Sixth Form and Driving

So the reason I haven't posted a blog post for a good while is because our sixth form had mock week which actually went on for a week and a half...Anyway I had pretty much no spare time due to revision and the exams until Tuesday so here's just a general short post, to catch everything up over the past month:)

pretty much how my revision and exams went...

Revision for these mocks was dragging and everything was evolving around revision for 3 weeks which I absolutely hated! Now they are over I am giving myself a short break of no revision this weekend but to do homework teachers have already set even though we only went back to Sixth Form after study leave on Thursday! 

My life doesn't get much more exciting either as tomorrow I am going away with my geography class to Wales to measure a river...yep you read that right, we are measuring a river! It is all in aid for our second exam paper for our AS level so it is kinda compulsory.

However yesterday was the solar eclipse in the UK which from our school didn't seem like much and I was disappointed because I had been looking forward to it for ages.  I did have to just walk out of my class to go out and look at it as my teacher wasn't keen on letting people out even though the rest of the school was! Anyway I was glad I came out to just experience it but it wasn't spectacular at all.  

Today I had my third driving lesson and it went really good, I went on main roads and through places where my parents would normally drive me which was weird.  I didn't stall as much as the previous lessons as getting started after stopping for me is the hardest part!

So yeah, that is my life at the moment, nothing much but next week Izzy, myself and another friend are going to see the only and one McBusted!  I seriously cannot wait because Busted and McFly were bands I listened to, especially McFly, even my Grandma remembers that I loved them haha!

Anyway I should probably get a start on the pile of homework my teachers generously gave me to do.  I hope you all have a good weekend and I will be posting more interesting stuff soon:)

pretty much sums this blog post up! 


Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post because I have had a lot of favourites in February:)

All Time Low - Something Gotta Give
When this song came out I insistently fell in love with it and replayed it for ages.  ATL is one of my favourite bands and I seriously can't wait for their new album coming out in April.  The music video is amazing as well.  If you haven't heard it yet, you are missing out.

I have got to admit that Shawn is one of my guilty pleasures {I hate using that phrase but I couldn't think of another way to put it).  I first watched him on vine, when I used to watch vines, and I really liked him so I subscribed to his YouTube channel.  When he realised the song Show You I loved it and when he uploaded the audio to A Little Too Much onto YouTube I feel in love with it and felt the song is probably relatable for pretty much everyone no matter what events are happening in your life.

I have been listening to McBusted's album on Spotify but finally I got the CD for my birthday from my Nan.  I've seriously been listening it everywhere and anywhere.  On the journey down to London , around London, during revision, when I'm relaxing, basically I just love it so much.  I couldn't say I have a top song because I love all of them.

Fall Out Boy
FOB is another one of my favourite bands and their new album American Beauty/American Psycho is another Album I have been listening on Spotify since it's been out so I couldn't just missed it out.  One of my favourites is Immortals, which is also in the Big Hero 6 movie and I also love The Kids Aren't Alright and Novocaine.

I am holding all blame for this band that I have not stopped listening to from 19th February to the one and only Michael Clifford.  He tweeted a screenshot of his Spofity with a song "In Too Far" by Acceptance saying everyone should listen to the band.  I went to Spotify and listened to the album he was playing "Phantom" and I was hooked.  I played the album throughout the whole whilst revising and the next and the next...They are a fairly old band since they've been going since 1998 and the latest album was out in 2005 but I got a hint from Michael they are bringing new stuff out which I cannot wait to hear.  One of my favourite songs is So Contagious. So basically Michael has got me to like yet another band....

Big Hero 6
I went to see this Disney movie on 7th February with my old secondary school group for my birthday.  Myself and most of my other friend who came along new that Dan and Phil (YouTubers) were playing Technician 1 and Technician 2.  Anyway, I was blown away by Dan's and Phil's 45 second performance and I did really love the film more than I thought I would.

Little Mermaid
Okay so I went 17 years without watching the Little Mermaid but I played the Play Station game with one of my best friend at "After School Club" when I was younger and I know all the lyrics to most of the songs.  I guess when my Mum was showing me all the Disney movies she didn't realise that Little Mermaid was a MAJOR one.  And so, I asked for it for my birthday and my Auntie bought it for me and I watched it on my birthday after sixth form for the first time.  I have got to say I really did love it, a lot!

Denim Jacket
I haven't exactly got a winter coat which I am in love with this year but I am in love with this denim jacket.  I have been wanting one of these for ages, especially a slightly oversized one which goes down further than my waist.  I love the ripped and tattered detail it has and the colour of the denim is just right. I tend to wear it with leggings but sometimes I wear it with a skirt, which also looks cute.

Black Rucksack
I first got this at the end of September but I hadn't used it all that much, but when I was in London I used it for my handbag as I had to put more in it than what could fit in my smaller bag.  I love the detail of a slight checkered pattern but it isn't absolutely obvious as it is black.  It is just the right size for a day bag or just an normal handbag.

No Make-up Make-up Look
Recently, I have been wearing not that make-up as I am loving it.  I like that is it just a natural look, which isn't too over the top.  I tend to wear concealer, foundation, stay matte powder, some mascara and lip balm.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
I picked this up on an impulse buy because I knew it was new and I had heard that it was good so I thought why not?  It is amazing mascara for volume and length and doesn't really clump your eyelashes either.

Dance Academy
Another guilty pleasure of mine is this Australian {pre}teen drama on Netlfix about a group of friends who attend a dance academy surprisingly!  I don't know what it is about it but I am addicted and once I watch one episode I have to keep going until I am about to fall asleep!  I have stopped half way through season 2 out of 3 because of my mock revision but believe me when they are over you won't see me for days and not because I will be revising for my real exams...

Pretty Little Liars
THANK YOU NETFLIX!!  Finally Netflix got the picture and put Pretty Little Lairs on, I found out about this in the Christmas holidays as a friend told me.  It meant I could finally watch PLL when each episode comes out the day after it was aired in America.  This set of episodes are seriously amazing, I can't honestly tell you how much I love it but if you aren't watching it, go do yourself a favour and binge watch the first couple of episodes because it gets a lot better after them!  I have even got some of my friends addicted:)

At the moment, it is an extremely busy time of the year; mock exams, real exams in 2 months, revision, homework, sixth form etc and it stresses me out far too much to say the least.  The most relaxing thing I find is to have a bath in dim lighting with candles and play music and maybe scroll through social media or read.  I use Lush bath bombs and bubble bars and the scent are amazing.  Having a bath seriously relaxes me so I try my best to have one every week but the past couple of weeks I just haven't found the time! But they are my favourite thing to do at the moment.

unicorn bubble bar | Lush

Healthy Food/Whole Foods {the shop!}
Okay, so my friends would probably say to you that I try my best to be healthy and for Lent I have given up chocolate and sweets again, I have done it for the last 2 years so I can do it for the third time.  I am not doing for the religious aspect of it as I am not Christian but I am doing it as I feel a lot better not having junk food and I always try not to eat unhealthily but usually at Sixth Form where everyone is eating chocolate it gets the better of me!  However, I tend to always stick to my guts when I give it up for Lent so that's why I started it for Lent and hopefully it will go on longer for 40 days and 40 nights:) Oh and WholeFoods is my next new favourite place, we visited it in London as many YouTubers rave about it and I picked up some really nice products:)

Hope you have all had a good month and March will be even better!  But I should probably go back to revising for my mocks:(