Monday, 10 July 2017

Exploring Eastern Europe

So, you may (or may not) have heard that myself and my best friend (who so happens to also be a blogger Izzy K) went around South Eastern Europe in May and had an adventure of a life time.

I am currently in the middle of writing blog posts of each place we went to over on my travel blog,, if you are interested in reading about our travels, what we got up to and the places we saw.

What I get constantly asked when I first see people after coming back is 'what was your favourite country/place you went to?'

I always say Croatia.

Izzy and I went to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungry, Croatia and Slovenia and then travelled back to England via Vienna, Berlin, Brussels and Paris.

I always say Croatia because I had been wanting to go there for the longest time.  We went to Split for some of the time we were in Croatia and I had never actually been to anywhere quite like it before.  I had only ever seen it on photos in magazines, on the internet or from some of my friends.  It was definitely the country I was looking forward to the most before I left as well.

Of course I loved every single country we went to and I would recommend them to anyone who wants something a little different than the typical Western European country people tend to holiday to.

Obviously, the month of May and travelling around Europe was the best thing I've done.  The fact I finally got to start doing something I love and dreaming of for myself was liberating and so much fun.  If you want more of an in sight go over to my travel blog.


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Constantly Apologising

Over the past year, I have being constantly apologising for the lack of blog posts.

As you may have noticed (or not), I haven't posted since 1st March.  There are so many reasons contributing to this of which I do not want to share all online, I hope you understand.  But I will say this.

In March I kind of had an unexpected and unintentional month free from social media platforms.  I didn't actually have snapchat on my phone for the majority of the month, and I didn't use Instagram, twitter or Facebook.  And obviously, I didn't use blogger. 

In April I got back into it all and felt the fresh start and used it to my advantaged, so I started to be more creative with my social media platforms.  

However, I never came back to blogging.

I suppose I was, or felt like I was, in a vulnerable position to put myself fully back onto the internet at the time, and I still do today.  Of course a lot less right now.  This made me disconnect with connecting with people online and sharing my thoughts and adventures.  

However, I am back.

This time I am not going to give you a schedule that I will hold myself to because if I miss the day I wanted to upload then I sort of just give up.  I am going to write blog posts when I feel like it.  Hopefully one will be up at least once a week, but I am unsure of the day and it probably won't be the same day every week.  I feel this goes against a lot of 'the norms' of blogging but this is what I like doing and what works best for me and my creativity!

Sometimes you are in the rut of life and you just can't come back out.  Sometimes you just have all these creative ideas and thoughts you want to do and write.  I just can't schedule my creativity basically.

Sorry again for not posting anything for nearly 4 months!  And sorry for not being very specific in this post at all really, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Of course the next blog post will be a lot more interesting and upbeat with loads of photos that I want to share with you.

Head over to my travel blog ticket out of here to see some of my travel posts I have already posted.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Things That Make Me Happy

Everyone loves music, but I think my love for music may be a bit extreme considering the fact that my Spotify stats of 2016 said I listened to 44,326 minutes of music last year and I don't even have premium.  If I don't listen to music at least once in a day, my day is not complete!  Music can instantly lift my mood and seeing bands and artists perform live is the best feeling.

Everyone who knows me knows that I love coffee.  By love I mean I can't live without it.  If I'm in a bad mood get me a cup of coffee and I will instantly be happier.  I don't even think it's the caffeine because even decaf coffee makes me happy, but I will need caffeine if I'm about to go to work!

I love love love taking photos.  When I get to a place I have never been before that is the first thing I think of doing.  Just getting the camera out and getting creative just helps me stay calm and content.

Fresh Air
This is especially the case if I have been stuck inside or in a confined space for too long.  Getting outside, going for a walk or exploring a new area will always lift my mood.

Latest TV Obsession
Everyone loves a good TV series binge.  If I've had a crap day, getting Netflix up and (binge) watching my latest TV obsession will allow me to escape and focus on something else.

My friends are a good bunch, they always make me laugh.  Just doing something simple with them can be some of my happiest moments.


Friday, 24 February 2017


My motivation for the majority of January had disappeared and usually I would say I am quite a motivated person.

But not having responsibilities, not having a job or any structure or schedule I was loosing my motivation.

I finally decided that the last week of January was the week I would finally sort my life out.  I'll apply to jobs, I'll sort out my Camp America interview and I will ask about volunteering at one of my local charity shops.

And all in one day I had my taster session at a local charity shop, got a call to start back at my old job and my Camp America interview day.

Now I'm back at my job, done my interview and passed and done a month volunteering in a charity shop, I lost motivation for blogging.

I seriously don't understand where it has gone lately, for the last half of 2016 I barely blogged.  I put it down to doing 32+  hours at work a week but during January I did just two posts...

Motivation is a weird thing, it comes is waves and then goes, I have even had the majority of this post written out in my drafts for weeks.

Anyway, I am now going to find time every week to write at least one blog post to upload.  Then maybe I'll be able to get my motivation back because I miss it.


I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their 2017 so far.  At the start of this year (2nd January) my blog turned 3 years old!  I have been blogging for THREE YEARS!  Time fly's by!  I have also turned 19 this month which is crazy because I'm in my last year of teen-hood!

Anyway, I hope you have a good weekend, see you soon.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Explanations and Expectations

So here's my low overdue explanation post about the lack of Blogmas in December and the lack of posts now!


So in December I started doing Blogmas.  I stress the word 'started' because I never actually finished it.  I'm the type of person that if I miss one day, there's no point carrying on because I would just focus on the fact I missed one day and I didn't actually 'complete' Blogmas, if you get what I'm saying?  I guess I'm a 'go big or go home' kind of person and for Blogmas 2016 I went home...

As I was working in retail over December you would expect me to be extremely busy with work.  Well you would be correct, I was doing over time pretty much every day/week.  One week I did 41 hours and of course I was seeing friends and family over the Christmas period, so as much as I had loads to write about, I had no time to actually write about the events.

So I guess that's my overdue explanation to where my Blogmas 2016 went.  My explanation for lack of posts since Blogmas, however is non-existent, other than the fact I lack motivation at the moment (different blog post coming soon...I promise) but now I'm telling myself I need to get my act together and I will be better this year!


So I have loads of expectations of 2017, they're pretty big expectations tbh.  However, I don't actually know how realistic I'm actually being.

For me 2017 will mainly be about travel and adventures.  That's the main reason I took the year off.  I have many plans of where I want to go and when I will go and I will do everything in my power to follow them through because, my God do I love travelling and exploring new places.

Other than travel I want to meet more new people because at the end of 2016 I met some amazing people and created friendships that make me happy rather than restrained or drained from.

I go off to university this year.  This is going so strange but I seriously cannot wait for it, which if I knew this time last year I would not have believed it one bit.  University is something everyone talks about when you were younger and when it is your turn to go its quite unrealistic, I mean I'm supposed to be in my first year now if I didn't take a gap year but I am so pleased I took it.

My main expectation of 2017 is being happy and proud.  I want to finish this year not regretting anything, feeling like I took every opportunity that I could and not wanting to change anything that I did.  This is going to probably be the hardest because I always seem to have regrets...but this year I'm going to minimise it.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hello 2017

So that was 2016.  It is done, it is over and we can finally start a new year.

Every year seems to be such a weird year for me.  2016 was another weird year.  It was pretty crap in terms of the world politically and to the world of celebrities.  But for me personally, the first half of the year I was so unbelievably lost.  I was lost in the sense I applied to uni and I got all 5 offers, which was great but the course I applied was just not right.  I just felt like something was wrong, I was being rushed into making this life changing decision but I couldn't actually pin point why I felt like that until October.  

However, the last half of the year was amazing!  In July/August I went to the Netherlands with my family.  August was a full month of adventures, I went down to London for Summer in the City with my best friend, I got to finally go to Dublin with 3 of my closest friends and I could finally let go from sixth form and A Levels.

In September I got my first proper job working at M&S and that's where I made so many good laughs and memories with some brilliant people who I will never forget.  From September-December, even though I was working for most of it, I loved it so much.  I got to earn money for my travels of 2017 and make some fantastic friends.

After I finished Sixth Form I realised that philosophy was possibly just a subject that I look into and find out about myself, in my own time and that media and communication is more of what I really actually want to learn about.  Once I sorted that out in October, that was when I finally realised I cannot wait to go to uni and I had the feeling my friends felt the year before about their courses.

So by October 2016 I figured out my what my future goals are and man it feels good.  I have a long way till I get there but it is the first time in my life I actually know what I want to do.

But it is right now that I don't know where life is going to take me.  My contract at my M&S job has finished, I am currently unemployed and since it is January not many places are hiring.  So, of course, my mind is wondering on travelling and having some adventures before trying to find work again.

2016 done.

Hello 2017.