Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Constantly Apologising

Over the past year, I have being constantly apologising for the lack of blog posts.

As you may have noticed (or not), I haven't posted since 1st March.  There are so many reasons contributing to this of which I do not want to share all online, I hope you understand.  But I will say this.

In March I kind of had an unexpected and unintentional month free from social media platforms.  I didn't actually have snapchat on my phone for the majority of the month, and I didn't use Instagram, twitter or Facebook.  And obviously, I didn't use blogger. 

In April I got back into it all and felt the fresh start and used it to my advantaged, so I started to be more creative with my social media platforms.  

However, I never came back to blogging.

I suppose I was, or felt like I was, in a vulnerable position to put myself fully back onto the internet at the time, and I still do today.  Of course a lot less right now.  This made me disconnect with connecting with people online and sharing my thoughts and adventures.  

However, I am back.

This time I am not going to give you a schedule that I will hold myself to because if I miss the day I wanted to upload then I sort of just give up.  I am going to write blog posts when I feel like it.  Hopefully one will be up at least once a week, but I am unsure of the day and it probably won't be the same day every week.  I feel this goes against a lot of 'the norms' of blogging but this is what I like doing and what works best for me and my creativity!

Sometimes you are in the rut of life and you just can't come back out.  Sometimes you just have all these creative ideas and thoughts you want to do and write.  I just can't schedule my creativity basically.

Sorry again for not posting anything for nearly 4 months!  And sorry for not being very specific in this post at all really, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Of course the next blog post will be a lot more interesting and upbeat with loads of photos that I want to share with you.

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