Sunday, 8 January 2017

Hello 2017

So that was 2016.  It is done, it is over and we can finally start a new year.

Every year seems to be such a weird year for me.  2016 was another weird year.  It was pretty crap in terms of the world politically and to the world of celebrities.  But for me personally, the first half of the year I was so unbelievably lost.  I was lost in the sense I applied to uni and I got all 5 offers, which was great but the course I applied was just not right.  I just felt like something was wrong, I was being rushed into making this life changing decision but I couldn't actually pin point why I felt like that until October.  

However, the last half of the year was amazing!  In July/August I went to the Netherlands with my family.  August was a full month of adventures, I went down to London for Summer in the City with my best friend, I got to finally go to Dublin with 3 of my closest friends and I could finally let go from sixth form and A Levels.

In September I got my first proper job working at M&S and that's where I made so many good laughs and memories with some brilliant people who I will never forget.  From September-December, even though I was working for most of it, I loved it so much.  I got to earn money for my travels of 2017 and make some fantastic friends.

After I finished Sixth Form I realised that philosophy was possibly just a subject that I look into and find out about myself, in my own time and that media and communication is more of what I really actually want to learn about.  Once I sorted that out in October, that was when I finally realised I cannot wait to go to uni and I had the feeling my friends felt the year before about their courses.

So by October 2016 I figured out my what my future goals are and man it feels good.  I have a long way till I get there but it is the first time in my life I actually know what I want to do.

But it is right now that I don't know where life is going to take me.  My contract at my M&S job has finished, I am currently unemployed and since it is January not many places are hiring.  So, of course, my mind is wondering on travelling and having some adventures before trying to find work again.

2016 done.

Hello 2017.