Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The A-Z of Me

I absolutely love Amanda's blog, theamandaway.blogspot.co.ukyou should totally check it out! About a couple of weeks back she posted this blog post of facts about herself being with every letter of the alphabet called 'The A-Z of Me'.  I thought it was a really good idea; it's creative, fun and you get to know the blogger a bit more and I love that.  Therefore I thought, why don't I give it a go...

Awkward - I'm so awkward when I am put in a situation where either I don't know the people around me or I'm the person everyone is looking at

Breaking Bad - the current TV series I am going through and Oh Lord why did I not watch this any earlier?  Definielty reccomend!

Concerts - I think everyone can tell from my blog and me in person that I love music and my favourite thing to do is go to live gigs and concerts, I'm even going to a gig/concert this evening!

Disney - another love of mine, I'm always out looking for Disney vlogs on youtube, watching Disney movies and listening to disney songs but best of all is actually going to Disneyland!

Eating - I love to eat!  I perfer eating healthy, don't get me wrong I love chocolate and cake (my two weaknesses) but when I eat healthy I just feel so much better than if I was eating junk all the time.

Friends - need I say more? I love my friends (and the TV show ahah), they put up with me and we have so much fun together.  I'm so gutted everyone is moving away in September, it just won't be the same!

Gap year - as I just mentioned my firends are moving away (to uni) in September, but I'm not, I am staying in the village town thing I live in (even though I cannot wait to move out) for a gap year.

Harry Potter - who doesn't love Harry Potter? I seem to have made an annual summer Harry Potter marathon as I have done it two years in a row and I am planning another in late August/early September.

Internet - the place I have made friends on and created my blogs, it means a lot to me but there are obviously also negatives about it.

Japan - the country I have always dreamed to go to as a kid and the place I got to visit last summer with my grandma.  It is also the place where I realised that travel had to be apart of my job.

Kittens - I am more of a cat/kitten person than a dog/puppy person!  Kittens are just the cutest animals; they are so playful and friendly!

Leonardo Dicaprio - I love this man!  He has got to be my favourite male actor, Izzy knows how much I love him, Romeo and Juliet is probably my favourite movie which he was in.

Music - something I cannot go a day without, last year I listened to 39,000 minutes of music on spotify alone!

Netflix - I am not the only one who loves netflix obviously but if I am not out or blogging I am watching Netflix!

Outnumbered - a British TV sitcom which was aired from 2007-2014 and is one of my go to series when I need something funny and light heated to watch.

Photography - one of my favourite hobby!

Queen - the band or the royal monarch? Well I bloody love the band and I flipping love the Queen!

Running - a sport I never thought I would actual do willingly and enjoy it!

Sunsets - I love the everything about sunsets; the colour, the vibe, the walk/drive to find the sunset, the photo of the sunset, everything!

Travel - travel has got to be my most favourite thing to do, when I went to Japan I realised I need it to be apart of my job!

UGH! by the 1975 - cool song, cool band.

Vizsla - the breed of dog we are getting in August, specifically the Hungarian Vizsla.

Walks - I love going on walks (again something I didn't think I would say at the ago of 10), with friends or family; it just gives you a little time to chill and take in the scenery around you.

Xylophone - the instrument I was always assigned in music class.

Youth by Troye Sivan - this song just lightens my mood, and gets me dancing.

Zoella - the second YouTuber I subscribed to back in like 2012! (the first YouTuber was Tanya Burr)

I hope you enjoyed the post, something a little different than normal but I haven't done a post like this in ages and I love writing and reading these ones.

Again definitely check out Amanda's blog if you haven't already, I love her posts!